Who We Are

POS University is the premier online certification program designed for cashiers and people looking to secure employment as a cashier. Our online testing program is done at your own pace and it is very affordable.

You also have 2 methods to study for the cashier certification.

Students will be proficient in all transactions undertaken at the point of sale terminal after completing our program and will learn the SAFE system of securing assets and inventory.

Why Get Certified

In today's competitive job market every little edge helps. Our certification will tell employers that you have the skills and knowledge to proficiently operate a point of sale terminal and handle the multiple types of transactions with confidence and accuracy.
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Program Features

Online training program that can be done anywhere you have internet access.

Affordable program with a supportive staff willing to help you during each step of the certification process.

Confidence of employees that work at the point of sale terminal.

Ability to prevent fraud and theft through awareness and understanding of potential dangers.

Pride in understanding how the payment process works from beginning to end.

Safeguard company assets and create an environment of accountability and understanding between management, co-workers and customers.