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2019 Acquiring Trends

According to the statistical data of domestic studies, in the period from 2014 to 2019, non-cash payments by means of payment cards almost doubled, people every day more and more often prefer to pay with a card than in cash.

The introduction of online cash registers put entrepreneurs on the path of trade automation, with the replacement of cash register equipment, including payment terminals. Last year, the main areas of interest for acquiring were internet payments, card-to-card money transfers (P2P), the use of BigData, and the introduction of personalization of offers for consumers. What will be relevant for acquiring in 2019?

The development of cash registers inadvertently raises the expectations of small and medium-sized businesses from acquiring; today an enterprise needs not only accepting non-cash payments, but also additional services, for example, sales accounting and analysis.

Business is actively interested in proposals for integrating online cash registers with acquiring. Models that combine a cash register and a payment terminal are mainly of interest to small businesses and enterprises with courier delivery or remote trade. Research in 2018 shows that paying in cash when delivering food or goods by courier is twice as rare as it was in 2017.

Along with this, integrated solutions will continue to be relevant in 2019, POS devices that work in integration with cash register software, without manually entering the payment amount, which reduces the possibility of errors and speeds up the process of calculating the buyer.

Today it is important for entrepreneurs to get not only equipment, but also a favorable price offer, reliable service and competent customer support. Turnkey acquiring installation includes both instruction and training of personnel, which is significant for small and medium-sized businesses, which often do not have technical specialists. An employee trained to work with the device, familiar with its functionality, is faster and more efficient at work. In addition, knowledge of the work and the main signs that allow you to determine the authenticity of a payment card are very useful in work, as well as ways to prevent fraud.

The growth in the use of bank cards for payments in fast food establishments (fast food), supermarkets, beauty salons, coffee shops, according to experts, will only gain momentum in 2019. People are increasingly paying by card for small everyday purchases, although a couple of years ago, bank cards were used only for large payments. Therefore, a small business in the service and catering sector, when buying a cash register, should also think about purchasing a POS terminal or an online cash register with built-in acquiring.

Approach carefully the choice of cash registers and acquiring, study the assortment of the market, calculate your profit taking into account the tax deduction. For any question you are interested in, you can contact the specialists of the “POS Territory”. Contact phone: 8 (800) 500-95-79

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