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Acquiring system

You can receive payment from individual buyers only through the online cashier – it will automatically inform the Federal Tax Service about the transaction and issue a check. But when acquiring, customers pay by bank transfer through the terminal, and all payments are processed by the acquiring bank. We will tell you whether acquiring can replace an online checkout.

Acquiring and its types

Do I need an online cash register for merchant acquiring?

Do I need an online checkout for Internet acquiring?

When acquiring without a checkout is possible

Penalties for work without a cash register

Acquiring and its types

Acquiring is a banking service that allows you to accept payments from customers from a card. They will be able to pay by credit card, smartphone, watch and even via the Internet. Acquiring is divided into:

  1. Trade. When making a purchase, the client applies a card or smartphone to the POS-terminal – the money is debited. The seller receives them to the current account in 1-2 days after deducting the bank commission.

  2. Internet acquiring. It is used in online trading without a physical terminal. The buyer pays for the goods on the website through a special payment service. Indicates the card data in the browser, receives the code by SMS and enters it for purchase. After that, the money is debited and after a few days it is credited to the seller s account minus the commission.

Do I need an online cash register for merchant acquiring?

Payments by plastic cards are electronic payments. As a result of payment, the buyer receives a check, and information about the transaction is sent to the tax office. This is impossible without an online cash register with a fiscal drive.

An acquiring terminal is not a cash register. The POS terminal does not issue a check, but a slip – a receipt confirming the payment. The slip does not contain the details that should be on the cashier s receipt, therefore it cannot replace it.

The terminal transmits payment data to the bank, the FTS will not find out about it. In this, the terminal also does not replace the online checkout. However, it is possible to combine two devices into one. Read our article “Online checkout with acquiring”.

All LLCs and individual entrepreneurs are obliged to carry out non-cash settlements with individuals through cash desks (Art. 1.1 and paragraph 1 of Art. 1.2 of the Federal Law of 05/22/2003 No. 54-ФЗ).

Since 2017, you need to use modern online cash registers, which:

  • provide storage and encryption of fiscal data;

  • transfer fiscal data to the Federal Tax Service online;

  • fix the proceeds;

  • a check is formed, which the seller is obliged to issue to the buyer.

You can only use the CCP listed in the register of the Federal Tax Service.

Order online checkout

Do I need an online checkout for Internet acquiring?

For payments via the Internet, online acquiring is used. It differs in that the buyer s card does not interact directly with the terminal. But this does not exempt from the obligation to send fiscal data to the tax office and issue a check to the buyer. For Internet acquiring, you also need an online CCP.

Checkout counters for online stores do not differ from those that are installed in shops and cafes around the house. The only difference is in the software, which allows you to link the device to an online store and send a check to the customer s e-mail or phone.

When acquiring without a checkout is possible

In Art. 2 of Law No. 54-FZ lists the cases when a business can operate without an online cash register:

  • sale of ice cream, magazines, newspapers, shoe covers, distribution trade and so on;

  • implementation of housing and communal services;

  • Individual entrepreneurs without workers who sell goods or services of their own manufacture – for them a deferral until 07/10/2021;

  • Individual entrepreneur on a patent, if the entrepreneur issues a strict reporting form to the client, confirming the fact of settlements.

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Penalties for work without a cash register

An online checkout is needed for all types of acquiring. Working without it is a violation, the punishment for which is established by paragraph 2 of Art. 14.5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.



Official or individual entrepreneur

25 – 50% of the settlement amount, but not less than 10,000 rubles


75 – 100% of the calculation amount, but not less than 30,000 rubles.

For a repeated violation, if the hidden amount of payments exceeded 1 million rubles, there will be disqualification for an official and suspension of activities for up to 90 days for individual entrepreneurs and organizations.

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