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Adopted a ban on trade in goods marking at PNS and UTII

In the first reading, the State Duma adopted a bill prohibiting the use of UTII and PNS when trading in goods of mandatory labeling. Currently, this only applies to drugs and medicines, footwear and fur products, but with the extension of labeling to other goods, the law will most likely affect cameras, tires, perfumes, etc.

The ban was put forward to close the tax loophole used by fur traders. The introduction of mandatory labeling on fur influenced the growth in the volume of legal products on the market, while not only the legal production volumes, but also the import of fur increased. With all this growth, tax deductions did not remain unchanged, because sellers went for a trick, selling fur coats and sheepskin coats on an imputation, paying tax according to the area of ​​the outlet, without affecting financial indicators.

Since all retailers selling branded goods are obliged to switch to online checkouts, the entire volume of sales revenue will be controlled by the state. This is incompatible with the UTII regime, therefore, retail stores selling labeled goods are advised to switch to the simplified tax system or the general tax regime.

Of course, many experts spoke about the risks of an increase in the burden on small businesses, so there are assumptions about changes to this bill in the future, but no official statements have yet been made.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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