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Banks will introduce verification of email address

The Central Bank (CB) is introducing an experimental project aimed at forming an algorithm for confirming e-mails of individuals when they interact with banks.

Initial results should be completed by the end of the week, and subsequent review and discussion with the market will form the basis for a new regulation. A positive response from market participants and experts has already been received, but, along with this, everyone is interested in receiving specific instructions and in the ability to choose a confirmation method, which information is available for sending by e-mail, and which is not, etc. According to news reports, the Central Bank, together with other banks, is already carrying out a pilot to confirm the e-mail of individuals (bank customers) with a trial algorithm.

Today, sending an SMS to a client s phone or a letter by e-mail is a common procedure that is found in many banks, but if the mail address is not confirmed, there is a possibility that a stranger can take possession of the information.

A citizen, becoming a client of the bank, leaves his e-mail, but it may become irrelevant after some time, be lost or abandoned, hacked, transferred to another person, if a corporate mail was indicated, etc. Currently, such risks are ignored by the bank, not interested in whether the client s mail has changed, and people themselves often forget what they indicated during registration. And this is along with the fact that banks send account statements and other personal data to the email address.

Verification of mobile phone numbers has long been relevant and applicable, and they are going to strengthen it through a bill on the exchange of information on SIM cards, but it is difficult to do the same with e-mail, because there are a lot of postal services.

Now banks are faced with the task of confirming the mail of existing and new clients of the bank, so the process is somewhat complicated. In addition, in the process of the pilot, it is decided what information can be sent by e-mail and what not. During the experiment, banks are exploring possible options for confirming the e-mail address. According to information reports, VTB, Tinkoff-Bank and OTP-Bank are participants in the pilot project, but the banks themselves have not yet officially confirmed this.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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