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Camera Marking Pilot

An experimental pilot project for marking photographic equipment (cameras, flashes, etc.), which began on 05/15/2019, will last until the mandatory transition on 12/01/2019. The beginning of the experiment was decided by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 589. The “CRPT Operator” was appointed to control and monitor the working conditions of the pilot project, which is part of the CRPT structure formed for the operation of the “Honest ZNAK” system.

Preparation for the pilot has begun in advance and the team participating in the project is currently discussing the approval of the composition of the marking code, in addition, the pilot s schedule and methodological instructions and recommendations are being formed. According to informational messages from CRPT, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, MC Citylink, YandexMarket, and along with them the Union of Consumer Market Participants, AKORT and RATEK are already participating in the project.

The importance of holding and participating in pilots for each type of marking has been repeatedly discussed. Pilot implementation is critical in helping to gradually build conditions and prepare workflows for labeling requirements, identifying bottlenecks and working them out before they can be costly. Product labeling contributes to the formation of conditions for ousting “gray” companies from the market, because it will be much easier to detect counterfeit products with the labeling system. For legal manufacturers and sellers, working with the system is another confirmation of the quality of their products and care for the consumer.

What are the benefits of introducing labeling? Of course, for the government, first of all, as already noted, the benefits are reflected in the reduction of counterfeit and “gray” market participants, a reduction in the cost of trade control, as well as an increase in tax payments. For the consumer sector, labeling guarantees the legality and quality of products, as well as the protection of all consumer rights, because the buyer himself can track the legality of products and report offenders. Entrepreneurs will benefit from labeling:
increase in revenue, improvement of conditions for free competition in the market, because cheap counterfeits will go out of circulation;
additional automation of the business process, optimization of work and minimization of costs;
availability of information on the movement of goods, control over logistics, additional data for planning activities.

An experimental pilot helps the market move successfully and comfortably to mandatory labeling. The project will be completed on November 30, 2019, and from the beginning of December, camera marking will become mandatory, in accordance with Government Decree No. 792-r. This decree indicates that at the stage of the experiment on the introduction of marking, all participating companies will be equipped with access to the system with the generation of digital marking codes and control of the circulation of marked products free of charge.

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