1. What is POS University?
  2. Why get certified?
  3. Who can get certified?
  4. Are there any prerequisites to certification?
  5. How long until I get certified?
  6. How difficult is the course?
  7. Do I have to complete the final exam once I start?
  8. Is there a test?
  9. Is there a money back guarantee?
  10. What businesses accept your certifications?
  11. Do you conduct training for groups?
  12. Will you train off site?

Q: What is POS University?


POS University is an online training curriculum that teaches people how to be efficient in their job description starting with point of sale personnel.

Q: Why get certified?


This certification sets the student/employee apart from others applying for the same job or who may be seeking a promotion. Employers want people who will make an effort to distinguish themselves from others. Whether you are a new applicant or an existing employee, our certification will make you proficient and provide you with the skills to be the type of employee any employer would want to retain and promote or; hire over other applicants. While additional training will be needed for some companies having unique point of sale policies,  this certification will teach you skills to be a more productive employee and become noticed by your supervisors.  For new applicants taking the course as an individual, your certification through POS University will increase your job opportunities and assist you in the interview process because it demonstrates you are a self motivated individual.

Q: Who can get certified?


Anyone can be certified. This is perfect for people of high school age all the way up to the senior work force. Anyone who can be employed in a point of sale situation or as a cashier should become certified today.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to certification?


Only the willingness to learn.  The course moves at the student’s pace, teaching the skills and knowledge needed to be the cashier that any employer can feel safe and confident about.

Q: How long until I get certified?


Certifications can be done at the individuals own pace. Once the training is paid for, the student will have 30 days to complete the online curriculum and take the final exam. However, by contacting POS University we will grant an additional 30 days if needed to complete the course and take the exam.

Q: How difficult is the course?


The course is very comprehensive. The student will need a pad, pencil and calculator to answer some of the questions.

Q: Do I have to complete the final exam once I start?


Once the final exam is begun it must be completed in the time allowed. However, the course work can be done over time and your unique user name and password will allow you to continue where you left off each time you log back in.

Q: Is there a test?


Yes, there are quizzes and a final exam. The quizzes at the end of each chapter consist of 6 questions randomly taken from a pool of 15 questions or more. The final exam consists of 60 questions and the questions are taken randomly from a pool of almost 300 questions so no two final exams are the same. The final exam must be completed in 90 minutes and the individual student will be allowed 2 attempts to pass the exam with a score of 80% or better. Employees of companies that have purchase licensing bundles are only allowed one attempt at the final exam and if they fail and a second attempt is up to the employer. The final exam test attempts must be taken within 30 days of the date of the student's registration for the certification course.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?


Yes, POS University does offer a  30 day money back guarantee  if you are not completely satisfied with the course work or materials provided. The 30 day guarantee period will begin with your completed registration. However, the guarantee is considered void once the final exam has been opened and / or upon exam completion and certification as a POS University Certified Cashier.

Q: What businesses accept your certifications?


All companies having a check out counter or point of sale will see this certification as a positive on your resume. We are constantly working with companies to make POS University a benchmark training standard for cashiers and other front end personnel. As more and more companies begin to use our training services for their personnel, you will be able to check a list of those companies on our web site and apply for employment with any of them that may interest you. We do not, however, guarantee employment and we are not an employment agency.

Q: Do you conduct training for groups?


We will create a customized training module to fit your company’s needs. Most curriculums have  standard course material but we can add custom training segments to the curriculum to train your individual employees the way you need them to be trained.

Q: Will you train off site?


We prefer to foster an environment where students can work online and not be pressured by the classroom environment or working to keep up with other students.  However, if the need arises we may set up small evening classes around the country if our representatives are available.

Additionally, if you visit www.cashiertraining.biz you can take an alternate study and payment route and download an eBook version of the course material for your own offline study. When you are ready you can come back to this website and take the 10 quizzes and final exam.

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