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Fast transition to KKT? ATOL Sigma 7 with FN 36 in stock!

July is just around the corner, and you haven t bought an online checkout yet? An excellent option would be to purchase a smart terminal, learning how to work with which you do not have to spend time and effort. One of the best offers on the market in this category is ATOL Sigma 7… “Territory POS” will quickly deliver a set to any region of Russia ATOL Sigma 7 with fiscal accumulator for 36 months! At the same time, acquiring ATOL Sigma 7 You will receive a gift!

Why choose ATOL Sigma 7?

ATOL company, the leader in the cash register market together with Evotor, has long ago put forward its line of efficient smart terminals Sigma, which are increasingly in demand. ATOL Sigma 7 is a portable and easy-to-use smart terminal model from ATOL that meets the requirements of No. 54-FZ and automates your trading as much as possible.

ATOL Sigma 7Like all representatives of the category of smart terminals, it has a touch screen, the interactivity of which contributes to the quick adaptation of the user to control – any person dealing with a smartphone will be able to understand the operation of this online cash register in a matter of minutes.

Connectivity ATOL Sigma 7, both wireless (WiFi-module, Bluetooth and 3G) and wired type (USB-port) facilitate the quick establishment of an Internet connection, to interact with the FDO and connect external trade devices (barcode scanner, PC, label printer, cash drawer, etc.) etc.).

Sturdy, but light and small in structure, the cash register does not take up much work space. Autonomy for five hours, with the possibility of additional recharging via Powerbank.

The ATOL software guarantees the comfort of working with the cashier, a convenient and understandable personal account, a wide range of specialized services (SigmaEda, SigmaTrading, SigmaServices), which are appreciated by all ATOL Sigma users. Automation of trading with this smart terminal becomes available to everyone, because business management is greatly facilitated, you can get statistics to analyze the effectiveness of trading in a few clicks.

A first-class smart terminal at a bargain price – that s what you get by choosing ATOL Sigma 7, at the same time, having bought an online checkout now, you will receive an OFD and an annual START tariff from ATOL as a gift!

ATOL Sigma 7 with FN for 36 months is available in the “POS Territory”, and buying a cash register together with a fiscal drive is beneficial, because our offer is the best on the cash register equipment market for this model.

Need to quickly go to the online checkout? Register a cash register? The POS Territory specialists will select the cash desk, install the fiscal storage device, connect the fiscal data to the operator and, of course, register the cash register as soon as possible, carrying out all the necessary work quickly and efficiently.

Call by phone 8 (800) 500-95-79

In “POS Territory” we are always glad to help you!

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