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Holders of Sberbank plastic cards will be able to pay for purchases through face recognition

Sberbank card users will be able to pay for purchases by scanning their face. Of course, this type of payment is available if the necessary equipment is available in the store. Payment for purchases by means of a fingerprint was tested back in 2016, in cooperation with Azbuka Vkusa.

Currently, Sberbank is preparing for an innovation regarding the method of payment for purchases using biometric data (fingerprint and face image). The updated version of the conditions for making settlements between Sberbank and retail outlets using bank cards contains information on the biometric confirmation of the card holder. According to the conditions, the cardholder can biometrically identify his / her identity (fingerprint / face image) when paying for a purchase. To make a payment with such a confirmation of identity, the buyer first needs to register directly at the point of sale (if the appropriate equipment is available). Registration will proceed as follows:
• insert a bank card into the bioterminal reader,
• come up with a password,
• read a fingerprint or a face with a scanner.

At the same time, identification of a person is available if the cardholder has undergone a scan in advance in one of the bank branches. Sberbank introduced an internal biometric system in the fall of last year, and this procedure is available in almost three thousand branches of Sberbank.

Regarding the face recognition system, it became known in the spring of this year – Sberbank acquired control over the system developer, having bought 51% of the shares in the Speech Technology Center group of companies from Gazprombank. Will such an innovation be useful? Will this keep cardholders safe? The experts have not yet voiced answers to these questions.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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