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How many entrepreneurs have already switched to online checkouts?

In accordance with No. 54-FZ, the third wave of the transition to cash register equipment affects individual entrepreneurs on an imputation and a patent without hired employees. The deferral for the application of the cash desk until July 2021 applies to businessmen who work independently, alone, providing services and performing work.

According to the statistics of the tax service, out of 400 thousand taxpayers who were prescribed a mandatory transition to online cash registers before 07/01/2019, about 100 thousand entrepreneurs have acquired CCPs to date.

The first reason for the passive transition to online cash registers is associated, as noted by industry experts, with the unwillingness to complicate and resistance to changes in their business processes among representatives of small and micro businesses, because the introduction of new technology entails not only the cost of purchasing a cash register, but also working with the device , in the opinion of entrepreneurs, requires special training, etc.

But July has already arrived, and the scheme for tracing offenders who do not use CCP in trade has already been worked out in the Federal Tax Service, and soon the tax office will begin to conduct inspections, bringing to administrative responsibility.

A common situation when a consumer makes a complaint or reports violations to the Federal Tax Service, in which case the tax service can visit the individual entrepreneur for the purpose of checking even several times.

Experts note that the demand for online cash registers, which was at the end of June, will be repeated closer to autumn, when entrepreneurs who did not install the cash register on time and received fines for this will come to the online cash registers.

Failure to use CCP, in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 14.5 of the Administrative Code, for organizations faces a fine of 10 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs and from 30 thousand rubles for a legal entity – and for this amount it is quite possible to choose a budget model of an online cash register and even choose a convenient smart terminal. Repetition of the offense entails a suspension of activities for 3 months.

The online cash register is capable not only of issuing checks, the cash register can become an indispensable tool in analytical processes, your company s loyalty program, as well as expand the possibilities of accepting payments, and, consequently, the circle of customers! Didn t have time to go to the online checkout before 07/01/2019? Don t expect fines and shocks from the Federal Tax Service – do it now!

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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