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Acquiring system

People pay with plastic cards for more than 70% of purchases. Acquiring is necessary for all businessmen who are not ready to lose customers and want to receive non-cash payments from them. Let s figure out what makes up the cost of acquiring services and how much you have to pay.

What is the cost of acquiring

Acquiring fees – how much and how to save

  • 1. Look for yourself on the list of beneficiaries

  • 2. Connect the fast payment system

  • 3. Check the contract for hidden fees and commissions

  • 4. Learn about the bonuses that banks provide during the coronavirus

How much does acquiring equipment cost?

  • 1. Self-purchase

  • 2. Purchase from a bank

  • 3. Rent from a bank

What is the cost of acquiring

The buyer of goods and services does not pay a penny for card payments. All costs are fully borne by the seller. To connect acquiring, he needs to buy a terminal and conclude an agreement with the acquiring bank.

All client s expenses are already included in the cost of the service. It includes:

  • purchase of equipment – the bank provides business terminals, configures them and provides technical support;

  • interbank commission – it is paid by the acquiring bank in favor of the issuing bank;

  • payment system commission – Visa, MasterCard, Mir and other payment systems take commissions for payments with a plastic card from both the acquirer and the issuer.

Acquiring bank – the bank with which the seller entered into an agreement

Issuing bank – the bank that issued and services the buyer s card

In fact, both commissions are paid by the business. The acquiring scheme looks like this:

As a result, acquiring for a business costs 1.3–3.5% of the amount of each transaction. The acquiring bank retains from 10 to 20% of the commission received, and pays the rest to the issuing bank and the payment system. The banks themselves say that acquiring costs them zero or a small plus, and with large clients, for whom rates are reduced to a minimum, sometimes it even goes into a minus.

If the buyer s card and acquiring was provided by one bank, then he will not take a commission from himself. Therefore, large banks, for example Sberbank, earn more on acquiring than regional ones.

Acquiring fees – how much and how to save

The commission is 1–3.5% of the purchase amount from a bank card. The bank sets its size individually for each client, it depends on:

  • from the scope of the organization;

  • monthly turnover;

  • the term of work in the market and the reliability of the company;

  • the number of points of sale;

  • communication type, etc.

Acquiring fees are higher for beauty salons than for cafes. And if one restaurant earns 4 million rubles a month, and another 3 million rubles, then the first one will pay a lower commission. You can see all the conditions for the commission on our calculator

Let s look at an example. A restaurant from St. Petersburg wants to connect acquiring. According to the plan, the terminal will receive 940,000 rubles per month. In this case, the rate at the bank will be 2.3% or 21,620 rubles per month. Service will be free of charge.

1. Look for yourself on the list of beneficiaries

There are preferential categories of business for which payment systems set a reduced cost for acquiring. When concluding an agreement with an acquiring bank, additionally pay its attention to the fact that you fall into the preferential category.

The difference can be seen in the example of the Mir system. So, for medical organizations the commission is 0.3%. Detailed information on tariffs can be found on the NSPK MIR website. MasterCard and Visa have similar tariff scales for industries.

A business with a high turnover can reduce the commission even more. To do this, you need to contact the NSPK through the acquiring bank.

We will help you choose a merchant acquiring partner
Choose a partner

2. Connect the fast payment system

In August 2019, an acquiring system appeared, which allows you to pay for a purchase by bank transfer only using a mobile phone.

In general terms, it is similar to AliPay and WeChat. Establishments place special QR codes at the checkout, shop window, price tag or screen. The buyer only needs to point the smartphone camera at the QR code and pay for the purchase. This method is suitable for small retail outlets, couriers, service industries.

No equipment is required for such acquiring. And banks offer cheap tariffs – from 0.5% of the transaction amount. Payment will take place instantly, according to standard acquiring, you usually receive it not earlier than the next day.

3. Check the contract for hidden fees and commissions

Free acquiring does not exist in Russia. The cheapest are temporary bank promotions and individual tariffs, on which everything depends on the turnover. If the bank offers a rate below 1.5%, you should be wary and study the terms of the agreement.

Most often, you will be obliged to open a current account with the acquiring bank, and then they will begin to take service fees: cash and non-cash transactions, transfers, replenishment and withdrawal of money from the account. It may also turn out that the maintenance of the current account will be expensive, and the preferential rate is valid only for certain volumes.

A similar tariff is offered by “Alfa-Bank”: 1% for acquiring when opening a current account at the “Just 1%” tariff. It is assumed here that when you earn from 1 to 3 million rubles, you will pay the bank 2% of all receipts for the month. It turns out that with a monthly revenue of 1.2 million rubles, which will go through acquiring completely, you will pay the bank 36,000 rubles – 24,000 for the account and 12,000 for acquiring.

4. Learn about the bonuses that banks provide during the coronavirus

Now it is especially difficult for business, everyone understands this. Therefore, banks are trying to support entrepreneurs and introduce temporary benefits. Here are some examples:

  1. The central bank has capped a 1% maximum acquiring fee for online retail from April 15 to September 30. This will affect companies that sell socially significant goods and services via the Internet;

  2. Sberbank canceled service fees for trade acquiring from 01.03 to 31.05;

  3. Tinkoff connects trade acquiring to hospitals, pharmacies, cafes and supermarkets at a rate of 1.2%;

  4. Tochka Bank canceled the payment for compliance services in order to protect business from problems with 115-FZ;

  5. The central bank subsidized banks to issue interest-free salary loans to small and medium-sized businesses from affected industries;

How much does acquiring equipment cost?

You shouldn t save on acquiring equipment. If the device is broken, cannot synchronize with the online cash register, and does not support banking software, then banks will not work with you, and customers will not be able to pay.

There are three ways to obtain acquiring equipment.

1. Self-purchase

You can, but be careful. The average cost of a new terminal starts from 16,000 rubles, used ones can be bought for 10,000–12,000 rubles. There are cheaper options, but such equipment may have an outdated safety certificate. With it, the risks of data leakage to fraudsters increase. There are two criteria to watch out for:

  1. The year of manufacture is not earlier than 2014 – it can be recognized by the serial number. For older terminals, the software may not support bank programs;

  2. Firmware version C98, you can see it when you turn it on during BIOS boot. And 98 is an outdated version.

2. Purchase from a bank

Banks like it better when customers use their equipment. They will offer a terminal that is synchronized with the online cash register, and will also help you choose it for the specifics of your business. For example, a mobile POS terminal is suitable for a delivery service, and a reliable stationary terminal for a retail store.

Banks are ready to sell equipment and give installments for purchase. The cost in the bank s store starts at 5,000 rubles.

Tochka offers to buy terminals in installments. For example, Verifone VX 520 costs 12,000 rubles, but in installments for a year it will cost 14,400 rubles with a monthly payment of 1,200 rubles.

3. Rent from a bank

This is not the best option compared to buying and installing by installments, but more gentle for the wallet. Terminal rental can be paid and free for a certain turnover. This means that you have to constantly worry about the amount of income. If it falls below the established amount, then the rent will be paid.

For example, Alfabank will start taking 790 rubles per month for each terminal if the average monthly turnover is less than 200,000 rubles. In this case, for two years of renting a terminal from a bank, you will pay him the cost of two terminals.

Check the possibility of renting and buying a terminal in our service of comparison of acquiring tariffs. There is also the cost of purchasing equipment and tariffs offered by banks. Select your city, indicate the trade turnover and the method of obtaining equipment. The service will offer you banks with suitable conditions.

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