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A man attracts money with a big magnet

Many businessmen are wondering how to attract luck and money. In fact, according to experts in the field of esotericism, attracting positive energies into your life is not as difficult as it seems, and wealth and health come with them, and luck begins to accompany all matters.

And in order to achieve this, it is absolutely not necessary to turn to various magicians and psychics – a lot can be done on your own and at home. We have collected the most effective options for you in this article.

The content of the article:

  • Conspiracies
    • Moonlight conspiracy
  • Talismans
    • Unalterable bill
    • Money bag
    • Runes
  • Feng Shui
  • Rituals
    • Rice bowl
    • Ritual with envelopes
  • Mantras


The magic of the word has been used since ancient times to attract wealth. Often, conspiracies are used simultaneously with other methods of attracting success – rituals and talismans.

Moonlight conspiracy

This conspiracy can be done only when the moon is not older than three days, preferably in early spring. You need to stand so that the light of the young moon falls on you, take your wallet, shake it slightly four times and read the conspiracy:

  • Young month – to the moon,
  • Bird song – by spring,
  • Dashing away, and the money – to me.

After that, you need to get out of the wallet four bills of any denomination and four coins of any denomination, place them in a small open box, which must be placed on the windowsill.

The box with the money must be placed in such a way that the light of the young month falls on it every night. After that, the money cannot be touched until the full moon, with the onset of which, it will be possible to spend it.


The use of various talismans and amulets is perhaps one of the most popular methods of attracting positive energy. Talismans aimed at attracting wealth should be carried in a wallet, they should be present in places where money is stored, for example, in safes, as well as in the house. Many of the talismans require reading conspiracies.

Unalterable bill

The most effective way to attract money with the help of a talisman is to use an unchangeable bill, although you can also use a coin for this purpose. In this case, the denomination does not matter, but it should be borne in mind that large bills contribute to attracting large income, while small change attracts only small change.

To make a talisman out of an ordinary bill, you need to take it from among those received from the first salary at a new job or from the first profit from a business. Then the selected money must be held under the moonlight (necessarily on the growing moon).

After that, the bill should be put into your wallet so that it is always with you, but does not come into contact with the rest of the bills that are used in everyday life – for example, in a separate, preferably buttoned, compartment.

It must always be kept in good condition., making sure that it is not wrinkled or bent, and that its corners are not bent.

Money bag

Another way to attract wealth to your home is a money bag. To make such a bag, you need to collect coins (necessarily of different denominations) in a small canvas bag from those that are used at the moment – money from Soviet times is not suitable.

Before putting it into a bag, each coin must be greased with essential oil (fir, eucalyptus, apricot oils are suitable), and read the plot:

A penny to a penny, a ruble to a ruble,
Chervonchik to the chervonets, all to the court.

Then the bag must be removed in the northern corner of the house or apartment, so that it never catches the eye of strangers.


Rune Feu, bringing material well-being, helps to see situations from which one can derive income in one way or another, so that it seems that money itself is going into hands. In addition, it helps to preserve existing material wealth.

To create such a talisman, you need to draw a rune at the place where money is stored, that is, on a wallet, safe, piggy bank. It is also beneficial to apply the image of the rune to objects that are regularly used in work: a computer, car, mobile phone and others.

Importantso that these are objects with which you spend a lot of time – the object where the rune will be drawn should be with you almost constantly.

Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui allows you to bring well-being to both your home and business. But for this you need to follow a number of strict rules. So, the bed must be turned to the door “facing”, while opposite it there should be no mirrors, and above it there should be shelves.

First of all, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the windows – they should always be impeccably clean, while the objects on the windowsill should be located so as not to interfere with the penetration of sunlight and moonlight. Green plants can provide significant benefits. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to store dried flowers in the house.

In addition, material well-being, according to ancient Chinese teachings, is symbolized by water. Of course, not everyone can place a large fountain that would fit ideally in the yard, but a decorative fountain or at least an aquarium is not a problem even in an ordinary city apartment.


Another effective way to attract financial luck is through rituals.

Rice bowl

The first step for carrying out this ritual is to properly clean the house – literally so that “not a speck of dust”. After that, you need to take a small porcelain or glass bowl (it is better not to use plastic), fill it two-thirds with white rice, and put it on the floor by the front door.

Every day, when you come home, you need to put coins in it, taking them out of your pocket or wallet without looking. At the same time, you need to stir the rice slightly, saying: “My wealth is growing every day”

This must be repeated, without missing a day, for 27 days, and only one person should put coins in the bowl, so immediately warn your family not to “help”.

On the 28th day, you need to get the coins from the bowl and spend a tenth of them on charity, and with the remaining money you need to buy some beautiful trinket and carry it with you all the time.

Advice: Remove the bowl of rice from prying eyes for use next time.

Ritual with envelopes

To carry out this ritual, you must take four red paper envelopes and 16 banknotes. In this case, the denomination of the banknotes does not matter, but it is believed that the larger the denomination, the better.

Put four bills in each envelope, and then hide the envelopes throughout the house or apartment, and in such a way that the envelopes do not lie on the floor. It is desirable that there are four envelopes on each side of the world.

You cannot spend this money in the future. – others will come to the “call” of the hidden bills.


Chanting certain mantras also helps attract financial well-being. You need to read them in a chant, best of all for the growing month, turning your open palms to the moon.

One of the most popular mantras to attract good luck and wealth sounds like this: “Om lakshmi viganshri kamala dhairighan matchmaker”

Another common money mantra is: “Khung rono ama nilo ta wongh”… You need to read it until you feel the rays of soft moonlight penetrate through your palms and fill you from the inside. In this case, the body will begin to buzz like a bee swarm. Most likely, from the first or second time you will not succeed: reading mantras is a special art

As you can see, there are many options to attract wealth, luck and prosperity. And it is difficult to say which of them is the most effective, since it is very individual: for someone conspiracies are better suited, and for whom talismans are more effective.

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