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Acquiring system

The checkout terminal combines an acquiring terminal and an online checkout. He can accept payment from bank cards and immediately transfer the purchase data to the tax office through the OFD. We will tell you why it is convenient and what types of POS terminals are.

How the cash register works

Who is the 2 in 1 device suitable for?

How to choose a cash register

How much does a cash terminal cost

Where to buy an online checkout with acquiring

How the cash register works

An acquiring terminal and an online cash register can operate separately from each other. But if they are combined into one device, this allows you to solve several problems at once.

An acquiring terminal reads payment information and debits funds from various types of bank cards, smartphones and smart watches. He can send the buyer an electronic slip-check in the form of an SMS message or by e-mail.

The slip does not replace the cashier s receipt, but only confirms the fact of payment. Also, the acquiring terminal cannot send information about transactions to the tax office. Therefore, it is impossible to work without an online cash register (Federal Law of May 22, 2003, No. 54-FZ).

An online cash register with a fiscal registrar stores information about all transactions and sends it to the tax office through the fiscal data operator. The KKT also issues a cashier s receipt with all the details and full information about the purchases made – the name of goods and services, their quantity (part 1 of article 4.7 of the Federal Law of May 22, 2003, No. 54-FZ).

To receive payments, you need to conclude an agreement with the acquiring bank and connect the terminal to the Internet. We wrote about what an acquiring bank is and how to choose it in a separate article.

Who is the 2 in 1 device suitable for?

The cash register is convenient to use in stationary retail outlets of a small area. It saves space, does not require connecting additional cables or setting up a connection between two devices via Bluetooth. The cash register can be easily removed under the counter, deployed or moved closer to the customer.

The portable 2-in-1 device is suitable for retail trades, courier services, cafes and restaurants. In this case, you only need to provide a stable Internet.

How to choose a cash register

When choosing a POS terminal, three criteria are of greatest importance.

1. Mobility.

Online cash desks with an acquiring terminal can be:

  • portable or autonomous – run on a battery, some models operate for up to 48 hours without recharging;

  • stationary – they work from the mains, do not have a battery, or it is very weak.

Model of online cash register with MSPOS-K acquiring:

2. Method of data entry.

Depending on this criterion, POS terminals for stores have:

  • pin-pad – is a compact keyboard located under the screen of the device;

  • touch screen – replaces the traditional pin-pad, reacts to the touch of your fingers.

A 2-in-1 device with a touch screen is called a smart cash register. They work like a tablet or smartphone.

3. Functionality

POS terminals with pin-pads have a standard set of functions required for the operation of the device. This is support for mobile Internet, GPRS, technical settings.

Much more functionality is provided in smart cash registers. Depending on the model, they:

  • allow you to connect third-party equipment – scales, cash drawer;

  • may have scanners for reading barcodes and QR codes;

  • integrate with various commodity accounting programs;

  • can be controlled remotely through the personal account of the acquiring bank.

Most modern POS terminals are designed to work with all types of bank cards and smart devices for making payments.

4. Availability of CCP in the register.

All cash registers that can be used to conduct their activities are recorded in the register of the Federal Tax Service. It contains information:

  • about the manufacturer of the equipment, indicating the TIN;

  • about the name of the CCP model and its version;

  • about the possibilities of using cash registers;

  • on the inclusion of CCP in the register and exclusion from it;

  • about the formats of fiscal documents that are supported by cash registers.

You can also check the availability of a specific model of cash register equipment in the register online – through a special service of the Federal Tax Service. To obtain information, just select a model from the drop-down list and indicate the serial number.

Working with a cash register, which is not included in the register of the Federal Tax Service, is prohibited by law. This is equivalent to working without a CCP and entails the imposition of a fine: from 25% to 50% of the amount of the payment made without the use of CCP, but not less than 10,000 rubles. For legal entities, the fine is 75% of one calculation, but not less than 30,000 rubles (part 2 of article 14.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

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How much does a cash terminal cost

Prices for online checkouts with a built-in acquiring terminal vary widely. They directly depend on the manufacturer and functionality.

Prices in 2020 for some POS models:


Main characteristics



  • pin-pad

  • Android device compatibility

  • battery life – up to 8 hours

  • thermal printing at a speed of 75 mm / s

26 950 rubles

LiteBox 5

  • 5.5 inch touch screen

  • battery life – up to 20 hours

  • 2D Barcode & QR Code Scanner

  • integrates with inventory systems

  • printing speed – 90 mm / sec

30,000 rubles – with a fiscal accumulator for 15 months

MTS Cashier 5 ”

  • 5.5 inch touch screen

  • battery life – up to 20 hours

  • 1D / 2D photo scanner

  • printing speed – 90 mm / sec

  • includes cash and product accounting programs

30,000 rubles – with a fiscal accumulator for 15 months

Evotor 5i SmartPos ST521

  • 5.5 inch touch screen

  • battery life – up to 12 hours

  • printing speed – 50 mm / sec

  • two cameras of 5 megapixels

24 300 rubles


  • preinstalled cash register and inventory software

  • battery life – up to 12 hours

  • 1D / 2D photo scanner

  • can work at temperatures up to -10 ℃

  • printing speed – 70 mm / sec

23 200 rubles – without fiscal accumulator

Where to buy an online checkout with acquiring

You can buy or rent a 2-in-1 terminal at the bank where you activate the acquiring service. At the same time, connecting and setting up equipment is usually free, but the bank charges a certain percentage from each operation successfully carried out through the terminal.

Use the acquiring calculator to find the bank with the most favorable conditions for you.

You can also purchase a cash register with acquiring from a cash register equipment manufacturer. It can be “Shtrikh-M”, “ATOL”, Inpas, “Evotor”, “MTS.Kassa”. However, they will only deliver the POS terminal. To connect acquiring, you still have to contact a bank that has its own requirements for equipment. It is better to find out about them in advance by contacting the credit organization in person or remotely – through the technical support service, by phone.

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