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How to find a job in security in Moscow with a payment of 3,500 rubles a day

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Many residents and guests of the capital are interested in working in Moscow as a guard with a schedule of three days and an income of 3,500 rubles a day. This is not surprising, since working as a guard in the capital brings an excellent income – about 3000, and even 4000-5000 rubles per day.

In addition, such work often has a convenient schedule, and sometimes there are even vacancies with accommodation. Also, in most cases a license is not required. Below we will detail all the best and possible ways find a job in security in Moscow

The content of the article:

  • Choosing a suitable object
    • Men
    • Women
  • Choosing an employer carefully
  • Some helpful tips
  • We are looking for work via the Internet
  • We are looking for work in print media
  • We are looking for work through recruitment agencies
    • List of the best recruiting agencies in Moscow

Choosing a suitable object

The first step is to choose a suitable object – there are security vacancies as for women and men, there is work for days, and there is a watch for several days.


Security is traditionally a man s business, so it will be much easier for men to find work in this area than for women.

Here is a list of the most common objects that need protection, and, accordingly, can offer such work:

  • construction sites;
  • the shops;
  • warehouses;
  • night clubs;
  • cafes and restaurants.

In many areas, unfortunately, you can get a job only if you have an appropriate license. For example, you cannot protect money without a license, you cannot work in the protection of industrial facilities and educational institutions.


Women find work in this area will be more difficult… The list of objects where they can find work in this area is as follows:

  • parking;
  • apartment buildings (concierge);
  • supermarkets;
  • checkpoints of various organizations.

Choosing an employer carefully

Job search – not the easiest thing, because you can easily run into scammers and work for several months for free, or the working conditions will turn out to be far from what was described in the terms of the vacancy.

Therefore, you need to approach the choice of an employer very carefully so that later you do not have to regret wasted time and get into loans.

Of course, no one can give a guarantee that everything will turn out well in the future work, and the vacancy will turn out exactly as it looks on paper. However, there is a possibility significantly reduce the likelihood that the employer will be unfair.

Some helpful tips

  • Job should be sought in large companies – unlike small offices, they almost always offer normal working conditions and full social services. package, and the working conditions correspond to those declared.
  • Look for testimonials before accepting a job. about the employer on the Internet, chat with other employees. Of course, this will not give you a guarantee of the trustworthiness of the employer, but with a high degree of probability you will be able to weed out scammers right away.
  • Look for work in safe places: in print media, on large thematic portals on the Internet, on message boards with reviews, and so on. The likelihood of fraud when applying for a job at the entrance is much higher.

We are looking for a job via the Internet

At the moment, the Internet is one of the most convenient, simple and quick ways to find work in security in Moscow from direct employers, especially since most of the vacancies are collected here.

Here list of the best siteswhere you can find a suitable vacancy:


It is also worth looking for a job on the largest message boards, for example on Avito ( and From Hand to Hand (

We are looking for work in print media

In addition, it is quite possible to look for work in security in special printed publications.

Most popular Moscow employers have the following thematic newspapers and magazines:

  • “Vacancy from A to Z”;
  • Hand to hand“;
  • “Work For You”;
  • There is work“;
  • “Job Exchange”;
  • “Where to go to work”;
  • “All vacancies. South”.

We are looking for work through recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies – the safest option for finding a job, since in this case the risk of facing the employer s dishonesty will be the smallest.

But this way of looking for a job has a rather serious one. flaw – in most cases, the agency will ask the applicant to pay for the services provided for the selection of vacancies.

At the same time, situations often arise when it turns out that most of the vacancies offered by the recruiting agency have already been taken. In this case, of course, no one will return the money for the rendered “services”.

List of the best recruiting agencies in Moscow

  • Anchor“(Free for applicants);
  • Sirius (;
  • Trelonj (;
  • Staffline (;
  • Lightman Solutions (;
  • Maxima (;
  • Inter-HR (;
  • Aspect (;
  • Unity“(;
  • A.N.T.“(

With due perseverance, it will not be difficult for both men and women to find work in security in Moscow. It will be much more difficult to get used to a new place, but this is nothing more than temporary difficulties.

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