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How to make a million in a month

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Both well-known Internet sites and popular print publications are full of tempting offers on how to make a million in a month, exciting the imagination of inexperienced ordinary people.

Still would! It is so tempting to find out the miraculous “secret” way of getting rich and live happily ever after, enjoying money and luxury. We will tell you about the veracity of such promises and the reality of millions of dollars in monthly earnings in this article.

The content of the article:

  • Millions of earnings – what not to believe
  • A million a month – is it real?
  • Where millions are paid
    • Athletes
    • Actors, writers
    • Programmers
    • Plastic surgeons
  • How you can make millions on your own
  • Tips for Future Millionaires

Millions of earnings – what not to believe

Unfortunately, almost all ads about quick earnings of large sums on the Internet or in the real sector are deception and divorce of gullible citizens… At best, naive ordinary people who believe sweet promises waste time and a small amount of money by purchasing a training course with general reasoning and useless advice; at worst, they invest in a fictitious business of fraudsters and incur substantial losses.

Remember! Wonderful quick money tutorials and online courses only bring wealth to their creators who siphon money from gullible people.

Even worse may be the loss of those who agree to invest their own funds in super-profitable businesses that are organized or offer to create cunning businessmen.

A million a month – is it real?

A reasonable question arises: “Is it possible, in general, to earn that kind of money a month?” Maybe. But it is unlikely that it will be possible to do it quickly and easily.

You can receive a million rubles a month both by working for a reputable employer, and by doing your own business or working exclusively for yourself.

Highly qualified specialists in various fields, famous creative personalities, professionals in finance and economics, successful businessmen – many specialties, with due diligence, perseverance and constant improvement of skills, can bring good income.

Where millions are paid

There are a lot of professions that can enrich a person, but only a few manage to achieve fabulous earnings in their field. Why?

The thing is that millions are willing to pay only the best – those who have excellent knowledge, skills, abilities and are able to prove it in practice.


Famous skaters, hockey players, football players, gymnasts conclude contracts for fabulous sums, many times exceeding the millionth monthly mark, but only after they reach a certain level.

Competitions, championships, olympiads are proof of their professionalism, and for this purpose they lead years of hard work

Actors, writers

The competition here is even greater than among athletes, but those who get ahead and win the love of the audience (readers) and the respect of the filming organizers (publishers) receive good royalties for filming (books), advertising and performing in front of the audience.


Leading programmers of large Western and Russian companies may well earn millions a month, especially if they are engaged in the development (revision, addition) of popular user applications or networked online games.

Plastic surgeons

Despite the fact that the earnings of Russian plastic surgeons are much more modest than those of their counterparts from the USA, Europe and Asia, leading specialists in this field can receive up to 180-200 thousand dollars annually.

That is, earning 1 million rubles a month is quite realistic for them.

How you can make millions on your own

Own business It may well bring millions in profits every month, but its organization requires a special education, constant monitoring of the economic situation, as well as a huge capacity for work and a desire to do the chosen business.

Quickly get fabulous income from your own (legal) business will not work

Chain stores or public catering outlets, car service or transportation services, advertising business on the Internet or in the media – with due diligence, the right strategy and market analysis, will allow you to earn at least a million a month after several years.

Free work in the network for yourself can also lead to the desired goal, however, even here without knowledge, daily work and dedication nothing to do.

Trading on the Forex or binary options exchanges, as well as making money on the creation and promotion of popular communities, only seem to be easy ways to get rich.

In practice, each of these areas requires the study of a mass of materials on the topic, constant analysis of the situation and excellent composure, endurance and patience.

Tips for Future Millionaires

If you are determined to earn a million rubles or more per month, then use the following recommendations:

  • Determine the direction you are going to pursue and start studying everything related to it in detail and in detail: theoretical basis, practical skills, professional recommendations, etc.
  • Do not expect quick results and stubbornly go towards your goal, not getting discouraged by failures, but drawing appropriate conclusions from them.
  • Learn to properly manage the available capital and profitably invest free funds.
  • Try to constantly improve in your field and study everything related to it or competing directions.

Remember – lungs money can be made accidentally once or twice, but for permanent large earnings, daily and painstaking work is required.

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