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How to put money on a Sberbank card to another person

Sberbank employee and ATM

The question of how to put money on a Sberbank card to another person arises from many people. After all, Sberbank is the largest, most popular Russian bank, which is used by the majority of Russians.

Someone needs to transfer money to relatives, someone needs to pay for a product or service. Be that as it may, there are many options to put money on the Sberbank card.

The content of the article:

  • Put cash
    • Terminal
    • Operating cash desk
  • Transfer from card to card
    • ATM machines
    • Sberbank Online
    • Mobile bank
  • How to transfer from electronic payment systems or a mobile phone

Put cash

Cash can be deposited on a Sberbank card in two ways: through the payment terminal and through the operating cash desk of Sberbank.


In the payment terminal, you need to go to the payments and transfers section and enter the card number to which the funds will be transferred. After that, it is necessary to enter the banknotes into the bill acceptor of the terminal and press the button to confirm the transfer.

Operating cash desk

You can apply to any of the branches of Sberbank with your passport. To make a transfer, you will need either the number of the card to which you plan to transfer money, or its details.

The cashier-operator will perform the appropriate operation, providing you with a document confirming the payment made.

It should be borne in mind that In almost any case, the commission for transferring funds to a card via an operating cash desk will be higher than when transferring funds via a payment terminal.

Transfer from card to card

The easiest way to replenish someone else s bank card is to transfer funds to it from your own. This can be done in several ways.

ATM machines

You need to insert your card into the receiver, enter the pin code and select the section for payments and transfers.

After that, you will need to enter the amount, as well as the card number to which the funds are transferred, and then confirm the operation.

It should be borne in mind that it is more profitable to transfer money directly from a Sberbank ATM – in this case, the commission will be minimal.

Sberbank Online

To use Internet banking, you must first register with Sberbank Online. Once you receive your user ID and permanent password, you will be able to use all functions, including transferring funds.

Enter the payments and operations section, select the card from which the funds will be transferred, and then indicate the recipient s card number and the required amount.

When using Internet banking in the format of a mobile application, the actions will be similar to those described above.

Mobile bank

To use a mobile bank to transfer funds, you first need to connect the Sberbank Mobile Bank service to your mobile phone and bind one or more cards to it. To replenish someone else s card, you need to create a template for the corresponding transfer in advance (you can do this at an operator, in Sberbank Online or at an ATM).

In the future, in order to transfer money, it is enough to send an SMS message of the following form to number 900: TRANSFER 7777 6666 8000, where 7777 are the last digits of your bank card, 6666 are the last digits of the recipient s card, 8000 is the amount.

The limit on the amount of translation for this method is 10 thousand rubles.

How to transfer from electronic payment systems or a mobile phone

To transfer money to someone else s card from popular electronic payment systems, such as WebMoney and Yandex money, you first need to withdraw them to your bank card or cash out, and then use any convenient transfer method from the ones presented above.

In a similar way, you can transfer money to someone else s card from a mobile phone.

As you can see, there are no particular difficulties in transferring money to someone on a Sberbank card. It is enough to choose the most convenient method.

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