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Husband and wife count expenses and income

Many people are faced with the question of how to save money with a small salary. Unfortunately, the question is relevant for the majority. This is not surprising: incomes of the population are falling, prices for food and household items are growing.

In this article, we have collected best ways and tipshow to save money and optimize your family budget. You will learn how to save money painlessly, and you can learn how to save on food and other things.

The content of the article:

  • We plan a family budget
  • Learning to save money
  • Avoiding loans
  • We buy expensive things
  • We save on brands
  • We buy clothes out of season
  • We give up the little things
  • We buy products wisely
    • Using the shopping list
    • We use discounts and promotions
  • We give up expensive entertainment
  • We save on medicines

We plan a family budget

The first thing to pay attention to if you want to save – this is family budget planning: you need to very accurately describe all the expected income and estimated expenses, including minor unforeseen ones (trams broke down – you will have to get to work by taxi).

Most of the financial problems arise precisely from the fact that people do not know how much money they have and how much they can afford to spend.

Learning to save money

The correct approach to saving implies not only cutting current expenses, but also the formation of savings for some large purchases and expenses (purchase of household appliances, repairs, vacations), as well as in case of large unforeseen expenses (a broken refrigerator, illness, etc.). ). So we save and save at the same time, that s the only way.

When planning a budget absolutely necessary take into account a certain amount of funds that will be postponed for the future.

About 10 percent of your income should be set aside, since this amount does not seem too burdensome, but after a few months the benefits of this approach will become obvious.

In addition, all money that comes unexpectedly – for example, donated money – should be set aside.

Avoiding loans

If your activity is not related to a business, the development of which always requires money, and if the purchase that you plan to purchase with borrowed funds is needed not for work (car, computer, mobile phone), from a loan should be abandoned – it is better to try to save up for the desired thing than burden yourself with any financial obligations.

We buy expensive things

As paradoxical as it may sound, in order to save money, preference should be given to expensive things – remember that a miser pays twice.

At the same time, we are not talking about the acquisition of things, the lion s value of which falls on the label of a fashion brand, but about the purchase of quality things, which, of course, are not cheap.

So, for example, good quality shoes, the cost of which, of course, will be higher than average, can last several seasons, while maintaining a good appearance – you not required being nervous about any inconvenience, wasting time and money on regular repairs and buying a new one. And this applies to everything.

We save on brands

The advice to buy expensive things does not mean that you have to go and buy an iPhone, which you really want, but which will cost three monthly salaries.

This means that you need to choose a good-quality item of the B-brand, which will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the products of the A-brand, but much more expensive than the Chinese noname products.

For example, good and relatively not expensive mobile equipment is offered by the following brands:

  • Alcatel;
  • ZTE;
  • Meizu;
  • Lenovo;
  • Xiaomi

The devices of these companies have good technical characteristics, but they are cheaper than the products of companies such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other A-brands.

The rule of saving on brands applies to all household appliances and electronics: for each type of device on the Internet there is a comparative table that will help you choose a device with similar technical characteristics and without overpaying for the brand.

Finding a thematic forum to consult with people who already own the things you are interested in is also not difficult.

We buy clothes out of season

You can buy clothes and shoes outside the appropriate season with significant discounts – sellers are ready to concede up to 70 percent.

So, clothes and shoes for the winter should be bought in the spring and summer, and for the summer – on the contrary, in the fall and winter. And if everyone in the family buys things at such discounts, the savings will come out more than decent.

We give up the little things

The regular purchase of all sorts of little things like chewing gum, chocolates, coffee from a machine and water during a walk affects the family budget much more noticeably than, for example, buying a refrigerator, because if you count all these little things, it turns out that they almost account for twenty percent of income

Moreover, it is quite possible to refuse all these little things. To see this clearly and estimate the amount of spending, you just need to draw up a financial plan once (yes, planning is the key to success).

We buy products wisely

The best wayhow to save money with a small salary is to buy food from small wholesalers. Even taking a taxi back if you don t have your own car will pay off anyway.

Average prices for meat, vegetables and fruits and many other food products in small wholesale stores are about a third lower than in stores.

Accordingly, one trip to such a base and the purchase of a monthly stock of products will save up to thirty-th percent of the total food budget.

Using the shopping list

If you remember, the first thing to do is plan. And this planning concerns not only the global distribution of finances, but also little thingssuch as making a shopping list before going to the store.

At the same time, only what is really necessary should be included in the list, and when going to the store, you cannot deviate from the list.

It would seem that no one bothers the next time just to enter what I wanted to take, but which I had to refuse due to the absence in the list. And this is true, but using the list in any case disciplines, and helps to resist the temptation of the moment.

We use discounts and promotions

Many supermarkets regularly hold various discount promotions, and they are worth using – they help to save on everyday purchases up to thirty40 percent

For example, if a store offers cereals with a 30 percent discount, no one bothers to buy it immediately for a month or two in advance, and thereby save a decent amount. Let it lie at home, a place for several packs of cereals purchased in reserve can be easily found even in the smallest apartment.

The main thing is not to be distracted by anything else, and buy only what you came for (a list to help).

We give up expensive entertainment

Many people like to have a snack from time to time in some cafe and drink a couple of beers in a bar. And it seemsthat it is not too expensive. But for a month of regular trips to such institutions, a decent amount will come up. There are houses much cheaper.

For example, if you cook pizza yourself, its cost will be about two to three times lower than in a cafe, and you will know exactly what it is made of, who prepared it and how.

The same applies to other entertainments: going to the cinema, bowling, nightclubs, and so on – there are plenty of ways to spend time no less pleasant, but much cheaper.

We save on medicines

It s no secret that many doctors in polyclinics cooperate with pharmaceutical companies, prescribing products from these manufacturers to their patients.

If you are not too lazy and spend five to ten minutes searching for a prescribed drug and its analogues on the Internet, you can save up to several hundred percent of the cost – there are drugs that cost several hundred rubles, while the cost of their analogues does not exceed several dozen.

Now, knowing how to save money with a small salary, try it make a plan and live by it for a month to start. It will be very difficult, but with time you will adapt, and after six months you will be convinced of the advantages of the above methods of saving.

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