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How to transfer money from card to card of any bank

Visa and Mastercard

Not so long ago, bank cards have quickly become commonplace. Wages, pensions, benefits are transferred to them, it can be calculated in the store, used instead of large amounts of cash, which is inconvenient and dangerous to handle.

The content of the article:

  • Bank card functions
  • What are the cards
  • About money transfers from card to card
  • Transfer from card to card via the Internet
  • Transfer from card to card via ATM
  • Transfer using a mobile phone

Bank card functions

The universal function of a bank card – the role of the personal bank account access key… This account is called a special card account (SCA). The bank opens such an account for the client to perform all operations using a bank card. The card does not have its own special account if it is prepaid, or several cards are linked to one single account.

A bank card can be used for non-cash payments (also on the Internet), for withdrawing cash from an account or replenishing an account through an ATM, or cash withdrawal points.

The fact that they are sometimes called credit cards or credit cards is not correct, since there are also debit cards.

What are the cards

A credit card or debit card is determined by which account it is attached to or which account is the main one for the card.

There are cards attached to several accounts. These cards are called multicurrency cards. It can be the other way around – several cards are linked to one account. Some banks provide an opportunity for the customer to replace the main card account with another card account opened with the same bank.

Prepaid cards exist without an account. This can be a gift option or an alternative to traveller s checks. Such cards do not require identification of the owner for issuance and can be used anonymously. The most common international payment cards in Russia Visa and MasterCard

These cards are the property of the bank that issued them. The client remains only the holder and is obliged to return the card to the bank as soon as it is requested. A standard plastic card has dimensions of 86 x 54 x 0.76 mm and has a magnetic stripe – an information carrier.

On the Russian market there are also microprocessor cards with PayPass technology and a transport application. As a rule, there is some kind of image on the front side of the card. Each card must have its own number and validity period… The card issued on a tangible medium contains the name of the bank, the logo of the payment system and the name of the owner (not always).

A magnetic stripe and a paper signature strip are located on the back of the card. Some card categories have CVV2 or CVC2 codes. Technologies can be combined in a bank card and it can work in several payment systems.

About money transfers from card to card

To transfer money to another person, people are forced to meet in person or use various money transfer services, which often charge outrageous service fees. Not everyone knows that a small piece of plastic in your wallet will help you quickly and very easily transfer the required amount to any point on the globe.… How to transfer money from one bank card to another? We will answer this question in detail.

This service is often used by small entrepreneurs without registration, freelancers, remote workers, etc. Online trading also involves payment by transfer to bank cards. A money order may be needed, for example, by a relative or friend.

Sometimes an urgent top-up is needed when the card is forgotten at home and the payment is due to expire. Failure to meet the maturity date leads to fines, and, moreover, spoils the credit rating, which is extremely unpleasant for the bank s client.

Transfers from one card to another are important for banks, as they relieve the burden on offices. It is also convenient for the user to log on to the network in a few minutes and transfer money. So, there is a mutual convenience of the parties.

Transfer from card to card via the Internet

To perform such an operation you need to get into your personal account… There may be differences in how to do this from bank to bank. But this is not difficult, despite some differences.

We will assume that you have successfully logged in. Now you need to fill in the template, indicating the details of the recipient of the transfer, deposit the amount and send money. If the sender and the recipient are clients of the same bank, then it is enough to enter the number of the plastic card. If the recipient has a card of another bank, then his personal data and bank details will have to be entered additionally.

To protect clients from cyber fraudsters, banks have introduced a “Time Passwords” system. Sberbank, TCS, Citibank send SMS messages to the client s mobile phone with the transaction confirmation password for each operation.

Transfer from card to card via ATM

If there is no desire to register in your personal account, the transfer to the card is done through an ATM. This service is supported by almost all popular banks – Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and others.

In order to make such a translation, you need to insert your card into an ATM, confirm the legality of its use with a pin code and select the “Transfer funds” option

After all that has been done, as well as in the online personal account, you will need to enter the data of the recipient of the money and send the required amount.

Transfer using a mobile phone

Another way to transfer from card to card. For example, Sberbank provides such an opportunity in any of its branches, but it will be necessary to issue a special order, which indicates the numbers of the cards to which the transfer will be made. You just have to send an SMS, which indicates the card number and the transfer amount – and the money will be sent… One significant amendment: such transfers can only be made between Sberbank clients.

by the way, transfers from card to card of Sberbank within one branch are free of charge, and for transfers outside the branch, you will need to pay a commission of 1% of the transfer amount. If you send money to a card of another bank, you will be charged a commission from 1.5% (Alfa-Bank) to 2% (Gazprombank).

Transfers are made, as a rule, only from debit cards. Banks, as a rule, do not support transfers from credit cards… The exceptions are Svyaznoy Bank and Russian Standard Bank, but the commission for such transfers is already 4 – 5%, even if the transfer is made to the card of your bank.

You can transfer money without using banking systems. To do this, you can use, for example, the services of the PayOnline processing center.

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