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How to transfer money from card to phone

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We have prepared an overview of the best ways to transfer money from card to phone. Fast and easy ways to top up your mobile account from anywhere in the world.

It is possible to transfer funds from a Sberbank card to the balance of a device connected to different operators: Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele 2, etc. Nice bonus – no commission

The content of the article:

  • Mobile bank
  • Internet bank
  • ATM
  • Auto payment
  • Limits and restrictions
  • Payment services

Mobile bank

It is usually offered to connect such a function immediately upon receipt of the card. Link a phone number to it, and use the option to pay for calls, SMS, mobile Internet. This is very convenient if you are not at home and there are no ATM machines nearby.

To carry out the operation, you need to send an sms to a short number 900, in the text of the message indicate the required amount in rubles (write in numbers). If several cards are linked to one device, the letter indicates from which account the money is debited.

The SMS should look like this: “100 3456”, where 3456 – the last digits of the bank card number.

The minimum transfer amount is 10 rubles, the maximum is 10 thousand rubles.

In the same way, you can make a transfer to another subscriber. The message text is slightly different: “Telephone 900XXXXXXX 100”meaning that 900XXXXXXX should receive 100 rubles… Then you need to send the confirmation code that came to you to the same address. Funds are credited within a minute.

In sms-ke, instead of the word “phone”, you can specify a number of phrases suitable for the meaning: “payment, payment, replenishment, replenishment, telefon, pay, platezh, popolnit, tel”, etc.

Internet bank

The option of transferring money online through a computer. When you buy a bank card, you will receive a login and password to enter your personal account on the website.

To replenish the balance, we carry out the following actions:

  • Login and authorization on the site, entering the security code sent to you;
  • Go to the “Payments and transfers” tab, then you need to select “Payment for goods and services”, “Mobile communications”;
  • In the section that opens, enter the subscriber s data and the required amount in the appropriate fields, confirm the payment.

Funds are credited in a few minutes. To replenish the account of the phone tied to the card, it is possible to skip entering the number and the procedure for confirming the operation by SMS. Just click on the button with a tied phone in the vertical menu on the left and specify the amount of payment.

Using the online bank allows control expenses and pay for a lot of things without leaving home.


A quick way if there are nearby ATMs, and Sberbank has a lot of them anywhere in the city. You can transfer money through an ATM of another institution, but with a commission.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin code;
  2. Go to the section “Payments and transfers“, Further “mobile connection“;
  3. We enter information about the recipient and the required amount.

Auto payment

An option for those who forget or do not have time to keep track of spending money. To constantly stay “on the wire”, connect the option auto payment

The money will be received automatically monthly, the specified amount on the specified day. The function provides for regular notification of the client about the size of the financial balance. There is no need to constantly check the balance, the risk of being left without money on your cell phone disappears at a time when communication is very needed.

The main convenience of this function is that it can be configured in such a way that the specified amount is received at the moment when the balance of the balance decreases to the level declared by the client. There are two options for using the service. According to the prepaid scheme, money is credited when there is a shortage of funds on the account, according to the postpaid subscriber s expenses are paid after the fact – according to the generated invoice for the past period of time.

To set this function to short address 900 a message of the form is sent: “Auto payment 9XXXXXXXXX 150 40 1111”

Decryption – upon reaching threshold of 40 rubles room 9XXXXXXXXX you need to top up on 150 rbl… The numbers 1111 are the last numbers of the bank card for debiting funds.

Confirmation of service activation for different operators is different. Beeline, NSS, Tele2 simply send a notification about the successful connection of the option. Megafon, MTS, BaikalVestcom turn on the function after the rejection period expires, that is, it starts working if the subscriber has not canceled the application by sending the appropriate sms to the operator. Yeniseitelecom asks to confirm the connection within the specified time, if this does not happen, a refusal occurs.

If there is a need to change the auto payment parameters (minimum threshold or specified amount), a similar SMS with new digits is sent to the same short address, there is no need to cancel the old request. The service is automatically reconfigured for new parameters.

To opt out of an option, it is necessary to send a message to the address 900 with the text: “Auto payment 9XXXXXXXXX 1111”, without specifying any parameters related to finance.

The minimum threshold at which money is transferred for all mobile operators is 10-30 rubles. If the subscriber has not specified the minimum rate himself, the option is connected with a standard parameter for a specific operator.

Auto payment can also be connected via the Internet, in the personal account of the Sberbank Online service. To do this, in the cellular payment section, select the appropriate button and set the required parameters.

Limits and restrictions

These operations have some limitations:

  • All payments are made in Russian rubles (when transferring from a currency card, a conversion takes place according to the current exchange rate of the bank);
  • You cannot use credit, corporate, virtual cards;
  • No more than ten operations can be performed per day.

Payment services

Another option, how to transfer money from a card to a phone, is to use special payment services, with the help of which various services are paid online, including mobile operators. When choosing a service, pay attention to the types of cards supported by the system.

The most common services:

  1. (supports Visa, MasterCard);
  2. (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);
  3. (Visa, MasterCard).

With the help of modern services, the operation of replenishing the balance takes only a few minutes and requires a minimum of effort.

We have described the simplest and most affordable ways to transfer money from card to phone. Knowing and using them, you will not be left without money on your phone.

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