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How to transfer money from card to Sberbank card via phone 900

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Below is the simplest instruction on how to transfer money from card to card of Sberbank via phone 900. With it you can quickly and easily transfer money.

The content of the article:

  • Simple instruction to transfer money
  • Checking if the request is correct
  • What to do if there are two or more cards
  • If the recipient s card is not linked to the Mobile Bank
  • Limits and restrictions
  • Sending a message

Simple instruction to transfer money

To make a transfer from one plastic card to another, you need to send to the number 900 query like:

PEREVOD 1234567890 XXXXX

  • In this request PEREVOD“- service team to carry out a transaction;
  • The following numbers 1234567890” – cell phone number who you are sending money to;
  • XXXXX“- the amount of fundsthat you plan to send.

Checking if the request is correct

The command to carry out a transaction can have another form: it can look like “PEREVESTI”, or in Russian letters – “TRANSLATE” or “TRANSLATE”.

All other options will lead to a system error, and, accordingly, the transaction will not be executed.

It is also important to make sure that the phone number of the person who will receive the money is registered in the Sberbank Mobile Bank, since otherwise it will be impossible to transfer money to his card using this method.

Also, make sure that the number itself is dialed correctly: it must be indicated in the standard ten-digit format, that is without country code like +7, 7 or 8 at the beginning.

What to do if there are two or more cards

If you have more than one plastic card, but several, and they all have a connection to the Mobile Bank, then the request will need to be corrected by indicating the desired one.

As a result, the request will look like this:


In this request, everything is the same as if you had one card, except YYYY“- these are the last four digits of the identification number of the plastic card from where the money will be transferred.

If the recipient has several cards linked to Sberbank s mobile banking, then the most suitable one for enrollment will be automatically selected from them. According to the current regulations, the system gives preference in such cases to salary cards.

If the recipient s card is not linked to the Mobile Bank

If the recipient s card is not tied to the Mobile Banking system, you can make a transfer using its number. In this case, your request should look like this:


In this query, the word “PEREVOD“Means a command to carry out a transaction:

  1. YYYY“- the last four digits your card numbers;
  2. ZZZZ“- last four digits recipient card numbers;
  3. XXXXX“- amount of fundsto be sent.

Limits and restrictions

In order to avoid abuse and fraud, Sberbank has introduced a number of restrictions on transactions carried out by phone number using mobile banking:

  • it is forbidden to transfer to your own phone number;
  • transactions can be carried out exclusively from a debit card account, making transfers from corporate, credit, or virtual cards is impossible;
  • all transfers are carried out exclusively in rubles, respectively, transactions between currency cards are not performed;
  • limitation on the total number of transactions: no more than 10 per day;
  • limitation on the total amount of transactions: no more than 8 thousand rubles per day, and this limitation applies to both the sender and the recipient.

Sending a message

After making sure that the data is correct and that the amount is within the limit set by the bank, send a message to the service number 900.

notethat other phone numbers are not used by Sberbank, and if you have even the slightest suspicion of fraud, refuse to carry out the transaction.

In the reply message you will receive a one-time transaction confirmation code of the form #PPPPP and the details of the bank card from which the transaction is planned.

Check this information and if everything is correct, confirm the transaction by sending back the confirmation code sent to you (the # symbol must be preserved in this case).

As you can see, there are no difficulties in transferring money from card to Sberbank card via phone 900. This method is simple and convenient, and its only significant drawback is the limitation of the transfer amount.

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