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In this article, we will describe how to transfer money from mts to mts from phone to phone quickly and easily. Only the best and most convenient ways to send funds.

The content of the article:

  • Transfer via SMS
  • Translation through personal account
    • One-time payment
    • Auto payment
  • Special services
  • Option “Top up my account”
  • Peculiarities

Transfer via SMS

Fastest option transfer the required amount – via SMS. The service allows you not to remember every number to which you want to transfer money, but to send an SMS about the transfer to the subscriber himself.

For this send the following sms to the network user: # transfer 100, where “100” is the required amount… From the short address 6996 comes a request to confirm the payment using a return sms of any content. The payment is made within a few minutes.

Example: if you need to transfer 100 rubles to the number 89160000000, then you need to send this subscriber an SMS message with the text “# transfer 100” (without quotes).

Translation through personal account

One-time payment

The second most popular way to top up the balance for an mts subscriber is through a personal page on the operator s official website. Register on the portal, open the tab and log in. After that, the “Easy payment” option will become available to you.

In the section “Financial services and payments” choose the type of payment (“To a mobile phone”), in the window that appears, put a tick in the box “Payment from the account of the MTS mobile phone”, enter your addressee and the required amount, confirm the payment. Also on the site there is an opportunity to view the history of payments and use the “Favorites” mode.

Frequently repeated actions are remembered by the system, and on subsequent logins, the primary information is filled in automatically, you just have to check and confirm your actions. The replenishment occurs through your personal account without commission.

If necessary in your personal account it is possible to switch to replenishment of your cell phone through a bank card… In addition, on the official website you can download a special application for mobile devices (works with Windows Phone, Android, iOS).

Having access to the Internet, you can go to your personal account and transfer money from your smartphone at any time.

To activate the option without Internet access, dial * 115 #. A special menu will open, where you should select the “Mobile phone” section and carefully follow the subsequent instructions.

Auto payment

A convenient option if you need to constantly replenish someone s balance, for example, children or elderly parents. The function can be activated by logging into the operator s website and setting the amount of payment and frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).

The specified number is automatically entered into the list of regularly serviced. A commission of 7-10 rubles will be charged only for the first time, then the service is provided free of charge.

Special services

They are necessary in rare cases, for example, when you need to transfer more than the limited 1500-3000 rubles per day. The most common services:


The algorithm of actions is approximately the same as when paying through the official website of the operator, mandatory registration on the portal is not required… The size of the commission for the provision of the service is 3-5%, depending on the resource used.

Option “Top up my account”

Users can ask each other to top up their account cell using a special command.

To do this, you need the following combination of numbers: * 116 * 8XXXXXXXXXX # + call or * 116 * 8XXXXXXXXXXX * 200 #, where “200” is the amount of missing funds.

Sending SMS is free, the addressee instantly receives a request and sends the required amount to your mobile.


The minimum size of a one-time payment is 10 rubles… You can transfer no more than 300 rubles at a time, with at least 90 rubles remaining on your account. Using the official services of mts, you cannot send and receive more than 3000 rubles and carry out more than 10 monetary transactions during the day. It is allowed to transfer no more than 40 rubles from the balance per month.

Services can only be used by individuals… You cannot transfer money from a corporate SIM card owned by a legal entity. In addition, customers must purchase a SIM card from an operator in the same region. Fast transfers to another phone are not available on some tariff plans.

If you have used the MNP service (“the abolition of mobile slavery”) and changed the operator, while retaining the telephone prefix of another, then the described methods may not work correctly.

Before confirming any actions, carefully check the dialed numbers and payment amounts… If any errors occur, immediately contact the customer support hotline – 0890.

These are the main methods of quickly transferring money between users of the MTS network. Even options with a commission justify the overpayment due to the speed and ease of the operations performed.

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