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How to win big in the lottery: $ 200, $ 300, $ 400 million

Girl wins $ 188 million Powerball lottery

It is no secret that the question of how to win a large amount of money in the lottery takes the minds of millions of people around the world. Numerous stories of big wins make you wonder why some luck smiles and others do not, and whether it is really possible to win.

In this article, we will tell you which lotteries win more often and how to increase the likelihood of winning. You will learn tricks, nuances and secretsthat will significantly increase your chances of winning.

The content of the article:

  • How popular lotteries work
  • Play continuously without taking breaks
    • An example of success with this technique
  • Try something new
    • An example of such a success
  • Use the right strategy
    • Choose numbers wisely (secrets, nuances)
    • Bet on adjacent numbers (tricks, nuances)
  • Choosing a lottery in Russia
  • Choosing a lottery abroad
    • How to win the 200, 300, 400 million lottery
    • The best foreign lotteries
  • Beware of scammers and be vigilant

How popular lotteries work

Most modern lotteries arranged as follows: the participants of the drawing must choose several numbers, the coincidence of which with the ones drawn on the lottery drum ensures a win.

At the same time, the more participants choose a certain game combination, the smaller will be the size of the winnings of each in case of its falling out.

The probability of winning is inversely proportional to the number of balls in the lottery drum – the more balls, the less chance of winning.

And on this, lottery organizers reduce their risks: the larger the jackpot amount (that is, the fund of money not won before), the better lottery tickets are sold, and the more balls are used in each drawing, which significantly reduces the chances that the jackpot will be won …

As a result, the jackpot in popular lotteries often reaches several hundred million dollars… However, there are several ways to improve your chances of success.

Play continuously without taking breaks

Despite the fact that, according to statistics, the largest amounts are won by chance, for example, by buying a ticket at a gas station or getting it for change in a supermarket (this practice is widespread in the USA), in order to increase your chances, you need to play constantlyby purchasing tickets at least once a week. It is not for nothing that they say that luck is a constant readiness to use your chance.

For example, state lottery tickets cost only fifty100 rubles… Almost every resident of Russia can afford to buy 1-2 tickets every week. This will not hit the budget hard, and the chances of success will be many times greater.

An example of success with this technique

In support of the above, an example can be cited: Paul Goldie, a poor British plumber, bought lottery tickets for a long time, but never won large sums.

One Christmas day, he forgot to buy a ticket, but caught himself in time and returned for it. The ticket turned out to be a winning one – the plumber s family budget was replenished with a “modest” amount of 7.2 million pounds

Try something new

Even if for one reason or another you prefer a particular lottery to others, do not refuse to try something new and buy tickets from other lotteries.

In the end, a rally is always luck, and, alas, you cannot know for sure when and how lucky.

An example of such a success

American Katie Scruggs constantly played her favorite lotto Mega Millions and ignored others.

Once, after sitting in a small cafe, and about to leave, she asked to sell her a ticket. The cashier made a mistake and gave the girl a ticket to another popular lottery – Powerball. Katie, without looking, put the ticket in her purse and left.

Thanks to this error of the cashier, she enriched herself by 25 million dollars

Use the right strategy

Good luck good luck, but also the right strategy brings results… At the same time, it is important to remember that it will not work to beat the lottery drum, but other participants in the drawing are easy.

Each of the participants in the lottery is interested in being, in case of winning, in as small a company as possible (which will increase the size of the won amount), and this is easier than it seems.

There are a number of behavioral patterns of players, the knowledge of which will increase the size of the win even with the same (but how else?) The probability of guessing the winning numbers.

Choose numbers wisely (secrets, nuances)

As statistics show, numbers in the range from one to 30 are selected five times more often than numbers in the range from 31 to 49.

Moreover, most of the participants choose numbers from one to 17 much more often than numbers from 38 to 49. The reason for this is that many people, counting on blind luck, choose any significant dates.

For obvious reasons, these numbers lie in the range up to the 31st, and by betting on numbers from the last two tens, the amount of the winnings in case of the corresponding ball on the lottery drum can be significantly increased.

Bet on adjacent numbers (tricks, nuances)

According to statistics, among the winning combinations, there are very often those where adjacent numbers win.

The fact is that almost everyone who thinks about how to win money in the lottery comes to the erroneous conclusion that the probability of getting adjacent numbers vertically or horizontally is very small.

Therefore, numbers are crossed out either according to some logic (dates, phone numbers, etc.), or chaotically.

In fact, the probability of winning is the same for all numbers – fortune is responsible for the dropping out of the numbers. And here are the jackpot odds by picking numbers that no one picks, can be significantly increased

Choosing a lottery in Russia

There are countless different lotteries in Russia, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is best to choose large and well-known lotteries such as:

  • Gosloto;
  • Sportloto;
  • “Housing lottery”;
  • Golden Key“;
  • Rapido.

Also worth turning Attention to the Russian lotto, the secrets of which very few people manage to reveal, so the jackpot there is always quite large.

But it is better to refuse instant lotteries – the probability of winning in them is much less.

On average, a ticket for Russian lotteries for 5-7 numbers will cost twenty100 rubles… However, many lotos allow you to select additional numbers for a surcharge.

It should be borne in mind that the amount of the surcharge increases significantly every few numbers. For example, choosing the basic 5 numbers, you will pay 20 rubles, for the 6th and 7th – 180 rubles each, for the 8th – 630 rubles, for the 9th – 1680 rubles. etc.

You can buy tickets and take part in the game on the website

Choosing a lottery abroad

How to win the 200, 300, 400 million lottery

Foreign lotteries can bring good wins, especially since the jackpots there are not like the Russian ones: the record jackpot was 648 million dollars.

This amount was split in half by only two winners. One of them, a simple California truck driver named Steve Tran, bought a winning ticket at a small supermarket at a gas station, paying about $ 10 for it.

Such big winnings in foreign lotteries are not uncommon. People often win lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball by 200400 million dollars.

The best foreign lotteries

  • Mega Millions;
  • Super Lotto Plus;
  • Euro Millions;
  • Powerball;
  • UK Lotto.

You can buy tickets for these lotteries through their official sites, or on the sites of their partners (you can find links to them on the official sites of these lotteries).

Be attentive… There are many fake lottery sites Mega Millions and Powerball that offer a ticket for 900 rubles. This is a deception and a scam. You will stupidly waste money on scammers.

You can find out how to win the lotto here – the rules of the game are described in great detail. The ticket price is $ 7-30.

Beware of scammers and be vigilant

Better from playing on the internet refuse – fraud is widespread in this area, so you can not only lose money for “participating” in the drawing, but lose all your funds by transferring your bank card details to the cybercriminals.

Alas, it s impossible to say for sure which lotteries win more often than others, but we hope that our tips will help you to increase the effectiveness of the game. May good luck be with you!

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