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How to withdraw money from an ATM

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Most people know exactly how to withdraw money from an ATM and successfully apply this knowledge in practice.

However, those who withdraw money from an ATM for the first time may experience difficulties. Guidelines for withdrawing cash from ATMs and valuable advice we have described how to work with these devices in this article.

The content of the article:

  • Which ATMs to withdraw money from
  • Withdrawal procedure
    • Step 1: How and where to insert the card
    • Step 2: Entering the PIN and navigating the menu
    • Step 3: Working with the menu and withdrawing money
  • Possible problems with ATMs
  • Security measures when withdrawing money
  • Features of ATM operation

Which ATMs to withdraw money from

Withdraw money from common plastic card systems Visa and MasterCard or cards of other tanks can be in the automatic device of any bank, but it is more profitable to use the ATMs of the institution that issued this card to you.

The ATMs of your home bank do not charge a withdrawal fee, allowing you to save money.

Novice ATM users recommended use devices inside the bank premises or in the immediate vicinity of them – if problems arise, you can seek help from specialists.

Withdrawal procedure

Step 1: How and where to insert the card

The plastic card is inserted into a special hole, near which there is a corresponding lettering or image of the card

During input, the magnetic stripe of the card should be located at the bottom right, and the electronic chip and bank logo (if any) at the top.

If the card is inserted incorrectly, a message will appear on the ATM screen.

Step 2: PIN entry and menu operation

The PIN-code or password from the card is entered on a special terminal and is displayed on the screen with asterisks.

If you enter the PIN wrong 3 times map blocked in the machine and you will have to restore it through the bank.

Step 3: Working with the menu and withdrawing money

After activating the card, a menu for choosing a language and working with funds will appear on the screen.

Menu items are selected using the buttons located next to the screen, or by clicking on the menu itself on the monitor screen.

To withdraw funds, you need to select the appropriate item, then order one of the proposed amounts or enter the desired number in the free field.

After a few seconds, the ATM will issue money and a receipt for the operation, and then give the card as well (sometimes the card is returned first, and then the money).

The money must be collected within 40 seconds, as the ATM will then put them back.

Possible problems with ATMs

The ATM may not dispense the requested amount for the following reasons:

  • lack of bills in the device;
  • lack of funds on the card;
  • the card has expired;
  • the card is damaged, unreadable or blocked;
  • technical failure of the ATM.

If you have problems with a card or ATM, you should contact the branch of the bank to which they belong.

If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times and the card is blocked by the ATM, you need to contact the bank with supporting documents and restore the card, as well as the right to use it.

If the ATM “ate»Map for no reason, you should call the bank and report the incident.

The card can be blocked and then restored, or specialists can be promptly sent to remove the card from the device. The telephones of the servicing banks are indicated on the ATM case.

Security measures when withdrawing money

How to withdraw money from an ATM in order to protect yourself from various troubles:

  • do not enter the PIN-code of the card in front of strangers (desirable cover the keyboard with your other hand);
  • do not store the card and the recorded password from it in the wallet;
  • do not withdraw large amounts of money alone;
  • do not use suspicious ATMs (with gaps in the card capture reader, overhead keyboard, etc.).

Features of ATM operation

When withdrawing money from ATMs, you should take into account some of the features of their work.

Firstly, ATMs have a daily cash withdrawal limit. This limit is set by each bank individually and ranges from 30 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the type of card.

Secondly, the ATM issues money in certain denominations, so you need to withdraw money in amounts that are multiples of the banknotes in it: 50, 100, 500 rubles.

The procedure for using ATMs only at first seems complicated and confusing. After completing it once or twice, you will know exactly how to proceed and will appreciate the convenience and speed of this method of receiving cash from an account.

Now you know how to withdraw money from an ATM, how to do it safely and without the risk of losing your card or exposing your password.

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