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2can is a cloud-based trade management service for small and medium businesses. In this article, we will tell you how 2can mobile acquiring works, how much it costs and how to connect it.

What is 2can

How much does mobile acquiring cost 2can

How mobile acquiring 2can works

  • Mobile terminal for receiving payments

  • What payments can be accepted with a mobile terminal

  • Mobile application for working with the terminal

How to connect mobile acquiring 2can

Benefits of mobile acquiring from 2can

User reviews of mobile acquiring 2can

What is 2can

2can is a service that helps businesses sell products and services. The trademark belongs to the company Smartfin JSC. Tukan took off in 2012 and became the first mobile acquiring service in Russia.

The company can be called reliable and sustainable. According to the financial statements, 2can is growing from year to year. There are expensive trademarks and patents on the balance sheet.

Within the framework of the 2can project, they offer:

  • online cash registers;

  • mobile acquiring, mPOS terminals and the 2can app;

  • merchant acquiring and POS terminals;

  • Software and devices for inventory control.

How much does mobile acquiring cost 2can

The cost of Tukan mobile acquiring consists only of the commission for each payment.

The standard commission for acquiring is 2.3%, but for some categories of clients it is lower:


Acquiring rate

Utilities and government services, fees, penalties and fines


Fast food


Grocery supermarkets


Gas station


Airlines, airlines, electric trains


Selected cash solutions


You also need a mobile terminal for full-fledged work. In “Tukan” you can only buy it, rent is not provided. The cost of the current model is 7,990 rubles.

In addition to the terminal and the commission for acquiring, you will not have to pay: there is no service fee, the application for a smartphone is free. In your personal account, you have the opportunity to download reports on all payments made, for this they will not take money either.

How mobile acquiring 2can works

Mobile acquiring is a service that allows you to receive non-cash payments on the client s territory. It is used by couriers, taxis, restaurants, food and grocery delivery services, cleaning services and many other companies that sell goods and provide services at more than one point.

To work, you need a mobile terminal and an application.

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Mobile terminal for receiving payments

Instead of a POS terminal, an mPOS terminal is used for mobile acquiring. This device connects to a smartphone or tablet on which the Internet is turned on and a special application is installed. Older models are connected via a headphone jack, modern ones – via bluetooth.

For acquiring, you just need to buy an mPOS terminal, which is sold by 2can itself. There are three reader models in the line:

  • P17 is the latest model. Connects to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. There is NFC – just attach a card, smartphone or smart watch to pay. Works with all types of maps and supports iOS and Android smartphones. Price – 7,990 rubles;

  • P15 is the past generation. Also connects via bluetooth. No NFC, you can only pay with cards. Supports Android and iOS. Not available now.

  • C15 is the simplest device. Connects via the headphone jack. There is no NFC. Reader went out of sale.

You can pick up the terminal yourself only at the Moscow office. If you live in another region or do not want to visit the branch, order delivery.

With the help of 2can mobile acquiring, you can turn your smartphone into a real terminal for accepting payments from a bank card. You can take it with you for off-site sales or use it at a retail outlet, for example, to quickly serve guests at a table.

What payments can be accepted with a mobile terminal

With connected mobile acquiring, you can accept payments by cards of all payment systems popular in Russia: Mir, MasterCard, VISA.

Also, customers will be able to pay for purchases from a phone or smart watch with connected Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Google Pay services.

Fast payment technologies payWave and PayPass are supported.

Mobile application for working with the terminal

A free terminal application is available in the App Store and Google Play. It is suitable for Android OS versions above 4.1, iOS OS versions above 8.0. The manufacturer emphasizes the following advantages in the application:

  • convenient and intuitive interface;

  • the ability to send a slip-check to the client to a phone number or email. mail;

  • confirmation of transactions with the card s PIN code or signature on the smartphone screen;

  • preservation of the history of transactions – with its help, you can re-issue checks, cancel payments, issue a refund.

How to connect mobile acquiring 2can

Mobile acquiring 2can is suitable for all individual entrepreneurs and LLCs, regardless of which bank they have a current account with. But keep in mind that in fact the acquiring agreement will be concluded with one of four banks: B&N Bank, MTS, VTB or PSB.

You can connect the service completely remotely, in just three days and using three documents: the head s passport, TIN, OGRN. For legal entities, an additional checkpoint.

Documents can be scanned and attached in pdf, png or jpeg formats. The main thing is that they weigh no more than 5 MB.

To connect, you just need to fill out a short form on the website. The manager will call you back and answer all questions about the connection.

Benefits of mobile acquiring from 2can

Here are the reasons to choose Tukan acquiring:

  1. Simple and fast connection – remotely, in three days and using a package of three documents.

  2. Enhanced payment security – data encryption according to PCI DSS Level 1 standard, confirmation of each operation and the absence of information about payments on the reader or smartphone.

  3. Personal account with extensive analytics capabilities – details of each operation, account management, employee control;

  4. Readers with all modern functions – NFC, free headphone jack, support for fast payments;

  5. Low equipment price – 7,990 rubles against 8,700 rubles for a mobile radar with similar functions in Alfa-Bank;

  6. Free services 2can Cashier and 2can Warehouse when connecting to acquiring.

User reviews of mobile acquiring 2can

Reviews about “Toucan” are controversial. Among the pluses, users note:

  • low commissions;

  • quick registration;

  • inexpensive equipment;

  • convenience of working with the application and personal account.

Negative reviews are mainly related to the old model of the C15 terminal. Among the problems are:

  • slow and inexperienced support team;

  • malfunctions;

  • refusal to replace equipment during the warranty period.

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