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A mobile cash register with a built-in acquiring terminal has many advantages: it is suitable for off-site sales and sales in a small store, it is cheaper than a standard cash register with a separate terminal and does not take up much space. In some ways it is inferior to full-format cash registers, but this can be compensated for by choosing the right model. Let s talk about the features of the device and the most convenient models.

Mandatory elements of a mobile cash register with acquiring

  • Fiscal accumulator

  • Acquiring terminal

  • Internet module

  • Receipt printer

  • Cash register and terminal software

Pros and cons of a mobile checkout

Popular models of mobile cash registers with acquiring

  • Evotor 5i

  • MTS 5 with acquiring

  • aQsi 5 with acquiring

  • MSPOS ‑ E ‑ F with acquiring

  • MKASSA RS9000-F

Mandatory elements of a mobile cash register with acquiring

Any cash desk must comply with Law 54-FZ. A mobile cash register with built-in acquiring, which meets the requirements of the law and is present in the State Register of Cash Register Equipment, in addition to a processor, screen, keyboard and battery, must have a fiscal drive, a terminal, a module for accessing the Internet and a receipt printer. Also, the authorized software is put at the checkout.

Fiscal accumulator

The online checkout sends to the tax office all sales and refunds through the checkout. For this, it has a special element – a fiscal accumulator. It stores data in its memory and sends it to the Federal Tax Service. Fiscal accumulators have validity periods – for 13, 15 and 36 months. Each type of activity is suitable for a drive with a specific period. For example, when selling excisable goods – only for 13 or 15 months, when working in special regimes – mainly for 36 months.

The fiscal accumulator transmits data to the Federal Tax Service using the fiscal data operator (OFD) – this is an intermediary between the seller and the tax office. When buying a cash register, you are connected to a state-approved OFD. It will transfer data from your cash register to the tax office and will help to solve various tasks through your personal account: register a cash register, send electronic checks to customers, monitor the work of cashiers and cash registers.

Acquiring terminal

The terminal is a means for accepting non-cash payments from customers cards and smartphones. The terminal built into the mobile cash register does not have a separate keyboard and screen, but it has a slot for holding a card with a magnetic stripe, a slot for a card with a chip, and an NFC module for accepting contactless payments.

An acquiring procedure is carried out through the terminal. This is a banking service for transferring money from the buyer s card to the seller s current account. For the service, the bank takes a commission on the purchase amount – usually 1-3.5%. An entrepreneur can buy or rent a mobile cash register with built-in acquiring from his acquiring bank and open an account with it, this will help save money.

When paying by card, the terminal contacts the processing center of the acquiring bank, where the card is checked for presence in the black list. Then the application goes to the issuing bank that issued the card. If there is enough money on the card, the issuing bank approves the application, a signal about this goes to the acquiring bank, to the terminal and cashier. After that, the purchase is considered complete, the cash register prints a receipt. The issuing bank awaits confirmation documents from the acquiring bank and transfers the amount to the seller s account. Usually it takes 1-3 days, but it can take a week, check this period when concluding an agreement for an acquiring service.

Internet module

Usually, a mobile checkout has several modules for different types of communication for different situations.

  • GPRS – communication via a SIM card. Telecom operators have inexpensive rates for business, the main thing is not to forget to replenish the balance.

  • WiFi – through the appropriate module. To work via WiFi, he must be at the point of sale, otherwise he will have to “distribute the network” from a smartphone. But communication via WiFi is usually more reliable and increases the speed of processing operations compared to GPRS.

  • Ethernet – via an Internet cable, for which there must be a connector at the checkout. This is the most reliable and stable form of communication with a high speed of processing operations. Suitable for working with a mobile checkout in a store.

  • Bluetooth – this module is not always available in mini-cash registers, and is usually used to connect equipment or exchange data with a computer.

Receipt printer

Most mobile checkouts have a receipt printer. He prints a sales receipt that confirms the purchase. If the cash register and the terminal worked separately, then the terminal could also print acquiring receipts – slips, they confirm the transfer of funds from one account to another. But there is only one check in the mobile cash register, and it is a cash register.

Some mini-cashier models do not have a printer. They generate electronic receipts that can be sent to the buyer s e-mail or create a QR code with which the buyer downloads the check.

According to Law 54-FZ, the cash desk must print a list of paid goods on the check. Until February 1, 2021, only individual entrepreneurs in special regimes that do not sell alcohol and tobacco are exempted from this obligation. The form of the receipt depends on the program on the device and the settings of this program. For example, you can set up ad printing on a receipt: congratulate your customers on International Pizza Day or talk about your promotions.

Cash register and terminal software

The program for a portable cash register with acquiring is usually installed by the manufacturer. Sometimes it has advanced versions and add-ons in the form of applications, a personal account from which you can manage goods and view analytical reports on the work of the checkout, connection to the cloud catalog of goods. If the mobile checkout has other tools, for example, a barcode scanner, the ability to connect scales, the program must be compatible with them. It is also optimal to integrate the cash program with accounting and warehouse software.

Pros and cons of a mobile checkout

Mobile checkout is good in its niche – distribution trade. It is convenient for couriers, taxi drivers, home craftsmen: the device is very compact, runs on a battery and goes online without wires. It is also used by shops and kiosks with low traffic and an assortment of goods that the seller can keep in mind. The mini-cash register almost does not take up space on the counter, and the operating speed is only slightly lower than that of a classic stationary cash register.

Through a cash register with acquiring, you can buy goods not only with a card: the client can freely pay with paper money, and the cash register will reflect the payment method in the check.

Another advantage is the price of the device, which is slightly lower than the cost of a full-fledged online checkout with acquiring: you can buy a mini-checkout with software for 25-35 thousand rubles. Rent will cost 2-3 thousand rubles per month. If you are a beginner individual entrepreneur and are planning to buy a more budget-friendly option of a checkout with acquiring, consider mobile terminals with a connection to a cloud-based online checkout.

The limitation of the mobile cash register is the speed of work: it is usually lower than that of stationary cash registers even with a wired Internet connection. Also, the mini-cash register does not have such a user-friendly interface compared to full-screen equipment with large memory and a powerful cash register program. On a mobile device, you will search for products in the catalog a little longer, and form a shopping list for the client. Nevertheless, popular cash registers have convenient programs with an intuitive color interface. Compare 2-3 checkouts for convenience before buying.

You will also have to regularly recharge the cashier so that it does not turn off before payment or right during it. It is better to give the courier a car charger. But some cash registers are equipped with a powerful battery that holds a charge for up to 24 hours.

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Popular models of mobile cash registers with acquiring

Cash register manufacturers have registered many models of mobile cash registers with acquiring in the State Register of KKT and continue to refine the devices. Let s talk about the most popular ones: they are most often offered by banks and commercial companies that sell cash register equipment.

Evotor 5i

This is a 5.5-inch color touch screen model with a receipt printer. Actual memory 8 GB, RAM 1 GB. Internet connection – via 3G and WiFi, there is Bluetooth for equipment. The battery lasts up to 12 hours without recharging. The cash register program with a user-friendly interface supports working with the Honest Mark labeling and product catalog in the cloud. There is a personal account for working with goods, prices, analytical reports and other business applications. This is one of the cheapest online cash registers with acquiring, its cost is from 21 thousand rubles, rent – from 2 thousand rubles per month.

MTS 5 with acquiring

Touch red cash register with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, actual memory 8 GB, RAM 1 GB. There is a built-in photo scanner and printer. Internet connection – via WiFi and 3G, Bluetooth for additional equipment. It runs on a proprietary program from MTS based on Android: the free version has a cash program, and the paid version also has inventory accounting. The program works with orders and advance payments, loose goods and tickets, prints a guest bill, a deferred receipt and a copy of the receipt. The battery allows you to work without recharging for up to a day. Cost – from 30 thousand rubles, rent – from 3 thousand rubles per month.

aQsi 5 with acquiring

Cashier with a 5.5-inch color screen, 5 GB of physical memory and 1 GB of RAM. Internet connection via WiFi and 3G, wired internet. There is a built-in barcode scanner and a receipt printer, you can connect a scale. Work without recharging – up to 14 hours. Free cash register program based on Android, connecting a personal account with a quick search for goods, receipts and sales, with technical support and analytical reports. Possibility to work with gloves. Cost from 27 thousand rubles, rent – from 2 thousand rubles per month.

MSPOS ‑ E ‑ F with acquiring

Checkout box with a bright 5.5-inch touchscreen, the actual memory is again 8 GB, the RAM is 1 GB. Supports a database of up to 5 thousand goods, the sale of goods by weight. There is a printer, a code scanner in the form of a camera: it reads 1D, 2D and QR codes, which allows you to work with alcohol. Internet connection – WiFi and 3G. A cash register with a powerful battery can work up to a day without recharging. Litebox program based on Android with a user-friendly interface allows you to keep track of goods, there is a personal account with analytics, and connects to most of the inventory systems. Cost from 23 thousand rubles, rent – from 2 thousand rubles per month.


Cashier with a 5-inch screen, a 4-core processor, 16 GB of real memory and 2 GB of RAM. Network connection – WiFi and 3G, Bluetooth for equipment connection. There is a receipt printer, barcode scanner and camera with flash. There is a docking station for charging and data exchange with a computer. You can work with gloves. Works on the program “1C: Mobile Cashier” based on Android, is suitable for labeling and alcohol, good compatibility with accounting and product accounting programs. Cost from 35 thousand rubles, rent – from 3 thousand rubles per month.

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