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To accept payment from a card, you need a terminal. Stationary POS terminals are found in any store, but there are also portable terminals that connect to a smartphone or tablet. Let s understand the advantages and disadvantages of these devices.

What is a mobile POS terminal

How the mobile mPOS terminal works

Who needs a mobile terminal

Advantages of a mobile terminal

Disadvantages of a mobile terminal

Does a mobile terminal replace an online checkout

Which mPOS terminal to buy

What is a mobile POS terminal

A mobile mPOS terminal or reader is a device for reading data from a payer s card, connected to a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile readers are sold by Ingenico Group, Inpas, PayMe, and other manufacturers.

Mobile terminals are sometimes confused with portable POS terminals, which are battery operated and connected to the network via a modem. But these are devices with a different principle of operation.

How the mobile mPOS terminal works

To connect such a terminal, you need to conclude an agreement with a company or bank that provides mobile acquiring services. And only then buy the reader itself. For work, you also need a smartphone or tablet with Internet access and a special application.

We wrote about acquiring for an mPOS terminal in the article “Mobile acquiring – what is it for and how to connect”.

You can compare acquiring rates and choose a suitable bank in the service. Up-to-date information is collected in one place – you will quickly find the acquiring bank with the most favorable tariff.

You can connect the device via the AUX headphone jack or bluetooth. It depends on the terminal.

Terminal for AUX connector from

Terminal with bluetooth connection from

Install a special application on the gadget, for example, 2can or PayMe, and connect the reader. In the application, go through registration and indicate the details of the account to which the money will be received.

The payment looks like this:

  1. You launch the application on your smartphone or tablet, making sure in advance that the terminal is connected;

  2. Enter the payment amount;

  3. Attach or insert the buyer s card into the reader;

  4. Then the application will ask for a pin code from a customer card or his signature. You need to sign on the smartphone screen;

  5. Ask the customer for their phone number or e-mail to send them an email check.

Mobile POS-terminals form a slip-check and send it via SMS or e-mail of the buyer. A slip check is a document confirming that the bank payment was successful. At the same time, a terminal check does not replace a cash one, it must be issued separately (clause 3.1 of the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 266-P dated 24.12.2004).

Who needs a mobile terminal

A reader for accepting payments is suitable for a business that does not have a clearly defined place of payments:

  • restaurants and cafes where waiters accept payment at the table;

  • delivery services in which the courier accepts payment at the client s apartment or office;

  • traveling trade: fairs, festivals, conferences;

  • on-site services: tutoring, massage, cleaning;

  • taxi, not everyone is ready to bind the card for payment in the application, many find it easier to “attach” the card in the car.

Advantages of a mobile terminal

There are pluses that justify the purchase:

  • low price compared to standard POS terminals. For example, let s refer to the site The reader costs 7,990 rubles, and the portable terminal costs 11,990 rubles;

  • compactness – it is convenient to move with it both within one retail outlet and throughout the city;

  • accepts cards of popular payment systems: VISA, MasterCard and Mir. More modern models support contactless payments: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

Disadvantages of a mobile terminal

Instead of mobile mPOS terminals, businesses prefer to buy POS terminals with a battery and an Internet connection. Their mobility is no different from readers, and service fees are equal to those for merchant acquiring. Mobile acquiring fees are usually higher. For example, Alfa-Bank has a commission for merchant acquiring of 1.99% or 2.1%, for mobile the rate is higher – 2.5% –2.75%.

Mobile acquiring has other disadvantages:

  • customers are not accustomed to the fact that for payment in a store or cafe they are asked to indicate a phone number or e-mail, some may refuse, and the older generation may not have a mailbox;

  • there is no way to print a paper check;

  • smartphones and tablets are susceptible to viruses, which means that the security of the terminal is at risk;

  • you need a constant internet connection. It can be Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or LTE. In a large city, this is not a problem, but in villages, communication can suffer;

  • some banks, when connecting merchant acquiring, give a POS terminal for free, but you have to buy a mobile device.

Does a mobile terminal replace an online checkout

Online checkout and mobile terminal are different devices. KKT issues a cashier s receipt and transmits data on transactions to the Federal Tax Service. The presence of an online cash register is a requirement of Federal Law No. 54-FZ.

Mobile terminal is a device for accepting bank cards. Its use is not an obligation, but an additional competitive advantage.

The terminal can be connected to an online checkout so that devices can quickly exchange information

You can buy a device. But it will not work to replace one with another. The two-in-one is a mobile cash register with acquiring. For example, SKB-Bank and ModulKassa have such solutions.

There is another option – the integration of a mobile terminal with a cloud cash register. You don t need to buy any additional device. It is enough to purchase access to the cloud service, which contains special software that allows you to generate and send electronic fiscal receipts and keep trade records in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ dated May 22, 2003. For example, a cloud cash register from Yandex.Checkout or Atol.

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Which mPOS terminal to buy

There are many offers on the market for the sale of mobile terminals, the price of which depends on the functionality of the device. There are four major equipment manufacturers in Russia:

  • 2can – price 4,190 rubles for an AUX reader and 7,990 rubles for a bluetooth reader;

  • Payneteasy – there are no AUX solutions, only wireless terminals from 7,500 to 9,000 rubles. More expensive version with Wi-Fi;

  • Cassby – on the market you can find a model for 7 490 rubles;

  • PayMe – such a terminal will cost 8,700 rubles.

In Russia, 2can and PayMe are popular. These companies are actively cooperating with banks. For example, when you connect mobile acquiring at Alfa-Bank, you will be offered to buy a PayMe terminal, and at VTB – 2can.

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