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New amendments to No. 54-FZ are being developed

The Ministry of Finance has notified about the development of new amendments to the law on the use of cash registers No. 54-FZ. The notice is presented on the federal portal of draft laws.

The amendments will affect the list of mandatory details of the fiscal document, plans are to expand a number of cases in which the SRF (strict reporting form) or cashier s receipt must display additional details.

This also affects cases with the identification of the buyer who makes settlements with the halls of slot machines and casino exchange signs.

This measure is aimed at streamlining the implementation of calculations, completeness of accounting for the income of individual entrepreneurs and organizations, including for tax purposes.

The publication of the full text of the draft law with amendments to No. 54-FZ has not yet been implemented, so little details are known, but the government plans to adopt these amendments by January 2020.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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