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Acquiring system

Most cash desks can work with acquiring. To do this, you need to choose a mobile online cash register with built-in acquiring or connect a bank terminal to your stationary cash register. We will tell you how to comply with the requirements of 54-FZ, connecting acquiring, and how to choose a cashier and other devices for specific features

What is acquiring

What is online cash register and fiscal drive

Types of online cash registers with acquiring

  • Built-in acquiring at the checkout

  • Terminal with acquiring + cash register

Connecting an online cash register with acquiring

  • For new business

  • For an existing business

What is acquiring

Payment acquiring is a banking service, thanks to which you accept payments from customers by bank transfer through their plastic cards or smartphones. The bank technically supports this procedure and, as a service fee, retains a commission on the amount of each purchase – from 1.5% to 3.5%.

With acquiring, money can be received from cards and returned to the buyer s card. There is also “reverse acquiring”: you accept recyclable materials, used goods or agricultural products from individuals and transfer payment to their bank cards.

What is online cash register and fiscal drive

In Russia, settlements with customers can be carried out only through cash desks, which send sales data to the tax authorities (Law 54-FZ). There are small exceptions to this rule, for example, for companies in areas without the Internet. Also, individual entrepreneurs who provide services or sell goods of their own production can work without a cash register until July 2021. Find out if you need to apply the cashier using the test on the official website of the Federal Tax Service.

An online cash register requires a fiscal drive. This is a chip that is installed inside the cash register and stores data on all transactions. When choosing a cash register and drive model, make sure that they are approved by the tax authorities and are listed in the State Register of Cash Register Equipment.

The cash register will have to be connected to the Internet and conclude an agreement with the fiscal data operator (OFD), which will transfer data from the cash register to the Federal Tax Service. You also need to register the cashier with the tax office and set it up so that all the necessary details are printed on the checks. Only then can you sell goods or services to customers.

And in order to accept payments from customers with bank cards, you will have to additionally conclude an agreement with the bank for acquiring services.

Types of online cash registers with acquiring

First of all, figure out what types of cash registers it will be convenient for you to work with, it depends on the specifics of the business and your budget.

Online cash registers with acquiring are divided into two groups:

  • with built-in acquiring at the mini-cash register;

  • with acquiring at a separate terminal, which is connected with a full-fledged cashier; the terminal can connect to it wired or wirelessly.

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Built-in acquiring at the checkout

There are models of equipment that combine a cash desk and a bank terminal. This is a mobile online checkout with acquiring in one device – a single module that contains all the “stuffing” necessary for legitimate sales:

  • Mini-computer;

  • fiscal accumulator;

  • receipt printer;

  • keyboard;

  • screen;

  • bank terminal with a card reader;

  • battery for autonomous work.

The smart cash register with acquiring has a printer and a fiscal drive: in confirmation of the purchase, she prints out two cashier s receipts or sends receipts by e-mail, and transmits data on transactions to the tax office. The device model and software must be included in the State Register of Cash Register Equipment.

Smart mobile cash registers with two-in-one acquiring are good for off-site trade: couriers, taxi drivers, home services. The device is also suitable for a shop with low traffic or for a counter with a small area, because the device takes up almost no space. In a large store, it is not as efficient as a full-fledged checkout: it has a less user-friendly interface and less solid appearance, and the payment process will take a little longer. You will have to memorize product codes or keep a list of them before your eyes, so if there are a lot of products or services, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​a smart cash register.

This is a good alternative to expensive cash register equipment: an autonomous smart cash register with a fiscal drive costs 12,000 rubles or more. Compare with the price of a stationary cash desk – from 24,000 rubles, to which you will have to buy another acquiring terminal – from 4,000 rubles.

There are a lot of cash register models of this type on the market, and they correspond to 54-FZ, here are several options:

  • MSPOS-K;

  • Lightbox 5;

  • Atol 60F;

  • Evotor 5;

  • Pioneer 114F.

Terminal with acquiring + cash register

The complex of a stationary cash desk and an acquiring terminal is suitable for high-traffic shops, cafes and restaurants, salons and studios. The main thing is the technical and software compatibility of the online cash register and the POS terminal. If you already have a cash register, you will have to find a terminal for it, but most models connect without problems.

When working on such a system, payment is as follows.

  1. The cashier reads barcodes or dials the amount of payment at the checkout.

  2. Transfers this amount to the bank terminal.

  3. The buyer pays by card or smartphone.

  4. The terminal contacts the bank and, if everything is in order with the card and there is enough money on it, it makes a payment. Some models will print two bank checks, or slips.

  5. The cashier closes the check at the cash register with the sign of payment “electronic”.

  6. The cashier issues two cashier s receipts.

The advantage of a set from a cash register and a terminal is convenience and speed of work. Online checkouts have a clear color interface, a large screen, and the ability to select products from a list with a simple search. A barcode scanner is connected to them for quick work. The checkout can work with an inventory system or a service for a customer base and send sales data to them.

The POS terminal for the cash register is available with wired and wireless connections.

  • With a wired connection, the device is connected to the cashier with a USB cable or a COM port. This is the most reliable and simple connection option, it is good for shops and establishments where customers pay at the checkout. The terminal is placed next to the checkout in the payment area or fixed on a bracket for the convenience of the buyer. An external mini-keyboard for entering pin codes may be useful to you, it also connects with a wire.

  • With a wireless connection, the terminal can be moved to another room, for example, so that restaurant guests pay for dinner right at the tables. The device transmits data to the checkout via wi-fi and must be within the same network with the checkout. In the checkout settings, the terminal address and other parameters are prescribed, depending on the cash register software. But not all online cash registers support this type of connection, and the wireless terminals themselves are more expensive than wired ones.

The price of a set from an online cash register and a payment terminal is higher than that of smart cash registers. But since here you do not need a bank terminal with a receipt printer and a simple device with a screen is enough, the cost of a cash register with added acquiring will increase slightly. In addition, when buying a set, sellers make discounts. The range of prices for online cash registers is from 24,000 to 60,000 rubles, the price of an acquiring terminal is from 4,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Here are several working options for the cash register + terminal complex:

  • Dreamkas F ticket office + Pax SP30 terminal;

  • box office Evotor 10 + Ingenico IWL 228 Wi-Fi terminal;

  • MTS 12 cash desk + Ingenico iPP320 terminal;

  • Viki Mini ticket office + PAX SP30 terminal;

  • cash desk YARUS TC + terminal YARUS C2100.

Connecting an online cash register with acquiring

For new business

When buying equipment from scratch, you are not limited by anything: you can contact any bank, choose equipment according to your preferences.

  1. Decide on the cash register model and the number of cash registers, terminals and peripheral equipment: barcode scanners, remote keyboards for entering a pin code. Solve the issue of connecting to the Internet: using a network cable, via wi-fi or mobile Internet.

  2. Choose an acquiring bank and specify the working conditions: what equipment they are ready to offer you, whether they can connect the cashier if you buy it yourself, whether the equipment is rented out and how much it costs. What is the tariff for the current account and acquiring in the bank: an individual entrepreneur without employees will have enough non-cash transfers to counterparties, acquiring and simple analytics, and a serious company will need a salary project, issuance of corporate cards, and currency control.

  3. Sign an agreement with the bank and wait for a specialist: he will install the cash register in the store and teach you how to use it. All that remains is to conclude an agreement with the OFD and register the cash register with the tax office. Some banks help with these procedures as well.

For an existing business

If you have been in business for a long time, you have an accountant and an online cash register, you usually have to work with what you have.

  1. Decide on the model of the trading terminal with which you will complement your checkout

  2. Contact your bank, find out the terms of acquiring and the equipment that can be provided to you. Check if they can work with the equipment you buy yourself.

  3. Write an application for the acquiring service, sign the contract and wait for a technical specialist who will connect the terminal with the acquiring to the cash register.

If you wish, you can change the cashier and the bank: open a new settlement account or find an acquiring bank that is ready to work with a “foreign” current account. In this scenario, your account number will change and you will have to renegotiate contracts with counterparties, redo other documents where the settlement account number is indicated.

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