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Pharmacies are actively introducing into the

Medicines and medical products are one of the most important categories of goods that are subject to mandatory labeling. The system of self-accounting and control of goods in pharmacies and pharmaceutical enterprises was introduced long ago, therefore, the introduced structure of mandatory labeling, which guarantees order, is readily encountered.

The Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT) revealed an average growth rate of people switching over to interaction with “Honest ZNAK” per month – about 33%. Last fall, in October, according to statistical data, 200-220 enterprises were registered per month, and in November the registrations increased to 300.

The CRPT is fully prepared to connect all participants in the turnover and places of disposal, working with drugs under the program of high-cost nosologies. This category of participants must be connected before October 1, 2019, and for all remaining pharmacies – until January 1, 2020, without fail.

For those who need to connect to the system, a video instruction was prepared that tells in detail about the process of interaction and work in the marking system:

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