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Registration of the cash desk at the Federal Tax Service in the last days of June

According to the seventh article of the law No. 290-FZ, it was prescribed to entrepreneurs on an imputation and a patent without hired employees to switch to the use of cash registers before July 1, 2019. From the beginning of July, these taxpayers will be obliged to conduct trade and settle with the buyer through the online cashier, with the issuance of a check to the buyer and the transfer of information to the OFD and the Federal Tax Service – failure to comply with the prescribed obligation entails administrative responsibility. We remind you once again that these entrepreneurs include:
business on imputation (UTII) and patent (PNS), which sells goods that are not of their own manufacture, without hired employees;
business on imputation (UTII) and patent (PNS), engaged in the provision of services / performance of work, in the presence of employees for hire;
business with the issuance of SRF in exchange for checks, including the sale of tickets in transport;
vending business, no staff for hire.

But it is also necessary to be in time before July because, according to No. 349-FZ, the possibility of obtaining a tax deduction in the amount of up to 18,000 rubles extends to the data of the group of entrepreneurs who have made the purchase and registration of the cash register, which may well compensate for the costs of the cash register and bring the entrepreneur to the benefit of checkout purchases. But, a deduction is possible only if the cash register is registered before July 1.

The FTS goes to a meeting with taxpayers who have not yet managed to buy and register an online cash register, so the tax service will accept applications for registering a cash register on the weekend of June 29 and 30, 2019. On weekends, in all territorial offices of the Federal Tax Service, it will be possible to register an online cash desk, which will help taxpayers not only not violate the law and switch to a cash register on time, but also get a tax deduction.

We remind you of the algorithm for registering an online cash register with the Federal Tax Service:

First – we submit an application for registration to the tax office.

The application for registration is submitted in paper form, when visiting the nearest tax office, or filled out electronically in the taxpayer s office on the tax website, but this requires an electronic signature of the entrepreneur (CEP / EDS).

Second – we get the registration numbers in the tax office.

In response to the application, the FTS sends the registration number of the cash register, which must be immediately entered into the fiscal drive of the cash register along with other data (name of the enterprise, etc.).

Third – we send a report on the registration of the cash register to the tax office.

After entering the registration number and other data, at the checkout it is required to create a registration report, and then upload the report and send it to the tax office (by printing it in paper form or in electronic form on the website).

Fourth – we receive a registration card

In response to the registration report, the Federal Tax Service sends a registration card for the CCP, often it takes time (up to 10 days). The card is sent only in electronic format, but you can visit the nearest tax office and ask to issue a registration card in paper form – you will not be refused.

Having received the card, you can start working with the cash register.

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