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Scales with label printing

Today, any retail store and supermarket uses a commercial scale that prints labels. This type of scale is suitable for printing labels, receipts and for labeling goods with price tags. What is a label scale?

Scales with label printing are a universal type device used in warehousing, trade, production, packaging and labeling of goods by weight. In essence, the device is a combination of an electronic scale (with a screen, built-in memory) and a label printer, which instantly prints a label.

Scales of this category usually have a small structure and do not take up a lot of workspace, but at the same time they have a wide range of functionality for performing work tasks (weighing and packing goods, calculating the cost of goods, maintaining the prices of the commodity base, printing labels, marking labels for weight goods, etc.). etc.).

Weighing the goods launches an automatic search for goods in the product base, which is easy to form and integrate with the scales (thanks to modern software capabilities), and highlighting the necessary data, the scales prints a label, applying information about the product to it: store name, weight, barcode, cost goods and price for 1 kg, date, and often the shelf life of the product.

How to choose a scale with label printing? If you are looking for a scale that can print labels, there are a number of factors to consider when looking for a suitable electronic scale model. The technical parameters of the scales must be suitable for the tasks that the device will have to perform, while taking into account the intensity of equipment use and the scale of the enterprise. For a retail store, take a closer look at the following points:
• the specifics of the activity and the size of the store, as well as the throughput of the outlet for which the scales are purchased;
• variety and quantity of goods by weight in the commodity base;
• peculiarities of work and structure of the main trading floor, where the scales will be located;
• the presence of separate specialized trade departments (meat / fish department, etc.), which are maintained according to special temperature and technical requirements.
• whether there is a self-service system for buyers (do the buyers themselves weigh the goods);
• is the possibility of interaction between the merchandise accounting system of the store and electronic scales required;
• functionality that is required from the device, as well as software with which it will be convenient to work with the main inventory system (for automatic and convenient unloading of nomenclature and other data on weight goods).

Of course, dimensional parameters, the appearance of the scales, as well as the cost of equipment are important and integral parameters that are taken into account when choosing equipment. It makes no sense to buy an expensive model of scales with a wide and varied functionality if a couple of functions are required to work in a store, and the range of goods by weight is not so large.

Our catalog contains a wide range of commercial scales, commercial scales, packaging scales and, of course, scales with label printing. Specialists of “Territory POS” will help you make your choice, select the appropriate equipment, place an order and deliver the equipment to you as soon as possible.

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