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Scanners for marking from ATOL

Mandatory labeling is gradually coming into force, the government informs about the introduction of experimental bicycle labeling, in which all major manufacturers will participate. The pilot project is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2019 and extend until October 31. Participating bike manufacturers: Velomotors, Forward, Velobalt and Sportmaster.

Along with the expansion of labeling, more and more webinars, conferences and other events are being held to explain how to prepare for working with mandatory labeling goods. It is necessary to work out the processes of receiving, accounting and shipment of goods, automating them as much as possible, introduce electronic document management, and acquire a 2D barcode scanner.

ATOL, a leading manufacturer of trade equipment, has developed scanner models that are ideal for upcoming marking.
• One of the main 2D barcode scanners from ATOL is a scanner ATOL SB2108 … This scanner has an improved scanning element that recognizes inverse and low contrast barcodes. Not all manufacturers print white barcodes on a black background, sometimes a gray barcode, which reduces the contrast of the marking and interferes with decoding. Datamatrix and QR barcodes are easily read by the scanner. Fast barcode recognition will increase the speed of customer service, which will positively affect the operation of the outlet.

• Another model of an effective 2D scanner from ATOL is ATOL L50X a reliable and affordable scanner that is efficient at reading 1D, 2D and QR barcodes. This barcode scanner not only scans most of the one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, but is also suitable for use in trade with labeled goods and with goods of the EGAIS system (alcoholic beverages). A feature of ATOL L50X is exceptional recognition of poorly printed and damaged barcodes, if the L50X scanner fails to decode the barcode, it is unlikely that it will be considered by another scanning device on the market.

According to development plans, mandatory labeling should cover almost all products by 2024. Already, they are discussing the introduction of labeling of finished dairy products, labeling of precious goods, along with this, mandatory labeling of cigarettes, perfumes, tires, shoes, clothes, bedding, etc. is expected. There is no need to doubt the need to purchase a scanning device, it is better to consult with a specialist and decide to buy before the prices for current models rise.

What solutions exist regarding the automation of trading processes? How do I get started preparing to work with marking? Where to buy a 2D barcode scanner and which one is better to choose? Specialists of “Territory POS” are always ready to advise you. Call by phone: 8 800 500 95 79

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