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Do you live in Novosibirsk and are still looking for a master who would quickly change the fiscal accumulator? Do you need to buy a cashier or a scanner, but don t have time to wait for long deliveries? “POS Territory” is available for you all working week from 9 am to 6 pm.


In our store you can find the most popular models of smart terminals and autonomous online cash registers, fiscal registrars, pos-terminals and acquiring, Urovo and ATOL data collection terminals, barcode scanners, trade and commodity scales, banknote counters and detectors and other trading equipment capable of automate your business to the maximum.


Opening a store or just going to the online checkout? There are smart terminals Evotor, autonomous cash registers from Mercury, fiscal registrars from Shtrikh-M, and, of course, leading cash desks from ATOL (ATOL Sigma, ATOL 91F, ATOL 92F, etc.). Fiscal accumulators are available for 15 and 36 months.


The gradual transition to labeling is pushing the purchase of a 2D barcode scanner. We have presented the most effective models at competitive prices: Honeywell Metrologic 1450g, ATOL SB2108, Youjie YJ4600 USB, ATOL L50X, Mertech SUNMI NS021 USB, MERCURY CL-2200 P2D USB, IDZOR 2200-2D. All scanners easily read 1D and 2D barcodes, so you can safely work with these devices when marking and EGAIS.


In the “POS Territory” you will not only be consulted on the assortment, having analyzed in detail the advantages of certain models of cash registers, but will also be able to choose the cash register that suits you. In addition, you can immediately take care of the service for your cash register, since our company is a qualified service center for the maintenance and repair of commercial equipment, therefore, the competent masters of the “POS Territory” will quickly and efficiently perform work on replacing the FN, registering the cash register, and also repair online cashier in case of malfunctions.

The retail store “Territory POS” in Novosibirsk is located at st. Plakhotnogo 27/1, 1st floor, office 103. We are waiting for you all working week from nine in the morning to six in the evening! Buying equipment on site without waiting for delivery, bought it and started working – everything is simple.



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