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Tax deduction - be in time by July

All categories of entrepreneurs on PNS or UTII without hired personnel, who in July will have to start working with an online cash register, can receive cash register equipment (CCP) and its installation with full cost compensation. Have you already heard about the tax deduction from the Federal Tax Service?

A businessman is entitled to a tax deduction when buying a cash register in the amount of 18,000 rubles for one cash register. But, along with this, reimbursement of funds in the form of tax payments is allowed with the advance purchase and registration of a cash register. In other words, you can receive a tax deduction if the following conditions are met:

– KKT was registered with the tax service before the beginning of July (01.07.2019);
– The cash register bought by the entrepreneur is on the list of devices allowed by the tax (register of the Federal Tax Service);
– The entrepreneur belongs to the category of taxpayers with a delay until July (PNS / UTII + without employees).

The tax deduction amount (18,000 rubles) includes not only the cost of the cash register, but also its maintenance. A fiscal drive and its installation, registering a cash register with a tax office, connecting a fiscal data operator to work, installing software and setting up interaction between a cash register and accounting systems, additional equipment such as a barcode scanner, which, against the background of the global spread of labeling on goods, is very important acquisition. At the same time, the tax deduction is limited to 18,000 rubles per unit of cash register and its introduction into work, if two cash desks are bought, the tax deduction is doubled.

Previous waves of transition to online cash registers showed the activity of tax deduction registration among taxpayers, which benefited the tax authorities (successful transfer of entrepreneurs to the use of CCP), and left businessmen happy, because the automation of trade for the most part cost them almost nothing. So, for example, until July 2018, the tax deduction was issued in the amount of over 86 million rubles, which is about 5,000 entrepreneurs, and each application for tax deduction was reviewed and approved. If you comply with all the requirements for registration of a tax deduction, you can get an excellent cash desk almost free of charge. In particular, a very popular model among representatives of small and micro-businesses is the interactive and touch-screen cash register Evotor 5. This smart terminal automates trading processes as much as possible, and will help to conduct business in a systematic manner, fully complying with No. 54-ФЗ!

Who will be on the move in July – hurry up! There is not much time left to buy an online cash register and register it with the Federal Tax Service. By tackling this issue in advance, you can offset your costs through a tax deduction! What is the registration procedure? Specialist “POS Territory” will advise you in detail on this issue, help you decide on the cash desk and the necessary services. Call the number: 8 (800) 500-95-79

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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