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The marking cryptocode has been reduced to 44 characters

Amendments to Resolution No. 1556 “On Approval of the Regulation on the System for Monitoring the Movement of Medicines for Medical Use” adopted by the Government determined the number of characters in the identification marking cryptocode – 44 characters.

Initially, it was planned to leave the code in 88 characters, but the decree decided to shorten the marking code. On the part of the manufacturers of labeling goods, there were hopes of reducing the code to twenty characters, but now the decision has been made finally.

Along with this, amendments to Resolution No. 1556 introduced some technical amendments regarding the labeling of drugs and medicines. The procedure for entering information about medicines (drawing up and sending reports on the movement of medicines) has been established, as well as the expiration date and serial number, which are insignificant for the code, have been removed from the data required to be displayed.

The service life of the marking code is limited to six months, while the countdown is from the receipt of the manufacturer / importer code from the operator of the CRPT marking until the moment it is applied to the product (in other words, manufacturers will have 180 days to apply the code to the product and pay for this code). It should be noted that payment for the code must be made before the drug is put into circulation or imported into the territory of the Russian Federation (upon import).

All manufacturers and pharmacies that have registered in the digital labeling system at the stage of pilot pilot projects (until 2020) will be included in the Drug Movement Monitoring System (MDLP) without additional registration, automatically.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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