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Many Muscovites, trying to preserve their savings, are trying to find the most profitable deposit in rubles in Moscow today. Unfortunately, there are currently no deposits on the market to cover inflation, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to increase investments in this way, but more or less to protect their funds from depreciation is quite.

In this article, we have collected the best deposit options offered by banks operating in the Moscow region.

The content of the article:

  • Sberbank of Russia, “Happy Year”
  • VTB 24, “Profitable”
  • Bank of Moscow, “Correct answer”
  • Tinkoff Bank, “I want to multiply”
  • Smartbank, “Smart Classic”
  • Interkommerts Bank, “Pragmatic Plus”

Sberbank of Russia, “Happy Year”

The minimum deposit amount is 150 thousand rubles, the maximum amount is not limited. Interest rate – from 9 to 10 percent per annum depending on the amount. The term of the deposit is nine months.

Interest is calculated at the end of the term of the deposit, after which the funds can be withdrawn or transferred to another account.

Automatic prolongation (extension) is possible at an interest rate of 8 percent per annum.

  • Call centre: 8-800-555-55-50;
  • Website:

VTB 24, “Profitable”

The minimum amount of this deposit is 100 thousand rubles, the maximum is 30 million rubles. The term of the deposit is from three months to five years with an accuracy of the day. Interest rate – 8.35 percent annual

Interest is calculated monthly, you can choose capitalization, or transfer to the account. Automatic renewal is provided, but you can use it no more than two times.

The deposit can be opened in favor of a third party. There are no options for replenishment and partial withdrawal.

  • Call centre: 8-800-100-24-24;
  • Website:

Bank of Moscow, “Correct answer”

The deposit amount starts from 100 thousand rubles. Term – from one to 380 days inclusive. Interest rate varies within 8-12 percent… depending on the term: 8 percent up to 95 days, 9 percent up to 190 days, 10 percent up to 285 days, 12 percent up to 380 days.

Interest is calculated at the end of the term and is added to the total amount of the deposit. There are no options for replenishment and partial withdrawal.

  • Call centre: 8-800-200-23-26;
  • Website:

Tinkoff Bank, “I want to multiply”

Amount – from 50 thousand to 30 million rubles. The term of the deposit is from three to 24 months. The rate depends on the term: from three to six months – 8 percent, from six to 12 months – 10 percent, 12 months exactly – 12 percent, from 13 to 24 months – nine percent.

Interest on the deposit is paid every month either to the client s bank card or to the deposit (capitalization).

There is a possibility of monthly replenishment in the amount of up to 90 thousand rubles.

  • Call centre: 8-800-555-22-77;
  • Website:

Smartbank, “Smart Classic”

The minimum deposit is 100 thousand rubles. Term – from one to 730 days inclusive. Interest rate – up to 12.3 percent per annum, depends on the term of the deposit: from 91 to 180 days – 3 percent, from 181 to 365 days – 6 percent, from 366 to 750 days – 12.3 percent …

When the deposit is called up after less than 91 days, 0.1 percent is charged on the amount. Interest is paid on the last calendar day of the month to a bank card or current account on a monthly basis.

Replenishment of the deposit is possible, the minimum amount is 3 thousand rubles.

  • Call centre: 8-800-700-77-81;
  • Website:

Interkommerts Bank, “Pragmatic Plus”

Amount – from 100 thousand rubles. The term of the deposit is from 181 to 1100 days. Deposit interest rate ranges from 8 to 12.3 percent depending on the amount of the deposit, the term for placing funds, as well as the form of interest accrual (monthly or at the end of the term). The possibility of replenishment is provided.

  • Call centre: 8-800-700-00-22;
  • Website:

As you can see, the conditions in all banks are approximately equal, and deposits differ only in options, minimum and maximum amounts and terms. And if you want to get a very good income, then the best thing is invest money in your business

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