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TOP 10 most profitable info sites in Russia

Dollars in packs and the name of the PRO-Business website and its address

I do not like to count other people s money, but I decided to write this article, as it will perfectly motivate those who want to make their own site from scratch and make very good money on it. In the material I will give an example of the 10 most profitable sites, the owners of which earn from 20 to 200 thousand dollars a month net.

But first, I ll tell you what exactly gives this money. Money comes from bundles of traffic (number of visitors) + GoogleAdsense + Yandex Direct. There are many other ways, but they are less profitable and unstable.

So, TOP 10 most profitable websites of Runet, which bring their owners 20-200 thousand dollars. per month. The income is indicated everywhere for the month, the attendance is for the day (day).

The content of the article:

  • 1. Income 74 thousand $, attendance 30 000
  • Profit 200 thousand dollars, attendance 1 million 600 thousand people
  • 45 thousand dollars, traffic of 450 000 users
  • Income 65 thousand dollars, traffic of 540 000 users
    • A few words about teasers
  • 5. 55 thousand $, traffic of 420 000 users
  • 110 thousand $, attendance is about 1,000,000 people. in a day
  • $ 48,000, current attendance is about 600,000 per day
  • Income 60-80 thousand dollars, attendance of about 400-500 thousand people
  • 9. USD 130,000 per month, daily attendance is 450-550 thousand people.
  • 70 000 $, attendance 350-400
  • A few words about GoogleAdsense and Yandex Direct
  • How to make a good website from scratch
  • Are there any sites that bring in more than $ 200,000 a month?
  • What is the bottom line

one… Income 74 thousand $, attendance 30,000

This is a forum for webmasters and SEO optimizers. In simple terms, this is a forum where people communicate who create sites and promote them in search engines so that they occupy the first positions in the results of Yandex and Google according to user requests (requests are what you enter in the search engine line, for example, “How cure a runny nose “).

2… Profit 200 thousand dollars, attendance 1 million 600 thousand people

Not to be confused with the Facebook social network, it has a domain (address) – Informational site article – “everything about everything”. The quality of the articles is poor.

3… 45 thousand dollars, attendance of 450,000 users

Just like the previous version – a site filled with articles about everything and everyone. There are a lot of articles on different topics. Lousy in places (this also applies to the previous site on the list).

4… Income 65 thousand dollars, attendance of 540,000 users

Women s information site. Useful articles for girls and women, recipes and much more, like that. The quality of articles is better than on FB and KakProsto, but in general, not very good either.

The site, in addition to GoogleAdsense and YandexDirect, is also monetized by teasers, the income from which is about 8 thousand dollars per month (the subheading indicates the entire income of the site).

A few words about teasers

Teasers are pictures of teasers with captions (usually below the picture). You could see them on many info sites. They usually generate income 5 times less than Google Adsense and 2 times less than Yandex Direct.

five… 55 thousand $, attendance 420,000 users

News site. By the way, not bad, the articles are generally good, which gives such attendance. Plus it is convenient, the information is presented competently and accessible.

6… 110 thousand $, attendance is about 1,000,000 people. in a day

The best, most visited entertainment site on the Runet. The site has a lot of humor, unusual news, and various interesting things. I would argue about the best, but considering the attendance, it turns out – the best.

7… $ 48,000, the current attendance is about 600,000 per day

Website and the largest entertainment forum on the Runet. The main income comes from a forum where people from Russia and the CIS countries communicate. There are many topics in which:

  • humor, funny photos;
  • interesting video;
  • shocking news;
  • interesting news, etc.

eight… Income 60-80 thousand dollars, attendance of about 400-500 thousand people

The largest site in the city of Yekaterinburg: news, flea market, forums, acquaintances, etc., a kind of harvester. A lot of useful information about the city and its surroundings.

nine… 130,000 dollars… per month, daily attendance is 450-550 thousand people.

Information site for mothers and their babies. Various useful and relevant articles on this topic, including those about pregnancy and childbirth. An interesting site for girls, girls and women. One of the best in this niche.

10… $ 70,000, attendance 350-400

Information portal for computer scientists and those who are interested in news about gadgets, smartphones, laptops, computers and network equipment. The site has a lot of tests and reviews of various computer equipment.

A few words about GoogleAdsense and Yandex Direct

As I wrote above, these are the best ad networks. The profit comes from placing their blocks on your site. To do this, you need to conclude an agreement with them and become a partner. Google AdSense accepts any sites, Yandex.Direct has a daily traffic requirement – minimum 500 people

How to make a good website from scratch

This is a topic for a separate article that we will write in the future. I will write only the main thing – if you think that you will make a website and people will come to you, then you are mistaken.

Making a website is not enough… We still need to properly optimize it, fill it with high-quality and unique content (text, photos, video) and work, work and work on it again.

If you work on the site at least 3 hours knocking every day, then in 5-10 years it is realistic to reach an income of about $ 20,000 per month… Not bad? Is not it?

The main thing is to choose a topic in which you are well versed. Nobody will read stupid articles.

Little nuance! If you know English well, then it is much more profitable to make a site for Bourges (English-speaking audience) where the income will be 3 times higher, all other things being equal.

Are there any sites that bring in more than $ 200,000 a month?

Yes, there isFor example, website of the information agency RIA Novosti, Rambler,,, etc., etc. But these sites are occupied by many people, they have a staff, including copywriters, content managers, marketers, SEO -optimizers (promote sites in search engines), SMM specialists (promote sites in social networks), etc.

I will not write about social networks (it makes no sense), I will just say that they bring hundreds of millions of dollars.

What is the bottom line

Websites, about which we talked – the most visited sites of the Runet (Russia), which give a very large profit to their owners. Moreover, when the site is promoted, it will be possible attributed to passive types of income (partially), and you can live wherever your heart desires, in any country in the world, you just need a good Internet connection.

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