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TOP 12 Tips on How to Save Money

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Given the modest incomes of most Russians and the economic situation in the country, every second person saves their income. But how do you save money? Where to begin? Here are tips from the practical experience of the author of the article, who has been saving for many years.

The content of the article:

  • 1. You need to draw up a budget plan
  • 2. Plan your meals and give up what is not very important to you
  • 3. Shopping list
  • 4. Donate blood
  • 5. Take into account the commission when transferring and withdrawing money
  • 6. Analysis
  • 7. Watch out for light and water
  • 8. Cable for no reason
  • 9. Quitting alcohol and smoking
  • 10. Shampoos, hygiene products and detergents
  • 11. Cash and cash only
  • 12. No debt on both sides

1. You need to make a budget plan

This advice can be found in all articles on this topic. Despite being hackneyed, it is effective, which is the most important thing. In order for planning to be meaningful, you need to record not only expenses for an apartment, utilities and transport, but also plan your daily meals. For this reason, the second one follows from the first advice.

2. Plan your meals and give up what is not very important to you

We all want to eat tasty and inexpensive, but this is utopia. In reality, we buy cheap and stale buns after a hard day that happens more often than one might think.

You are just wasting your stomach with bad food, which, due to frequent purchases, is no less expensive than expensive food from restaurants. Thanks to this advice, you will immediately kill two birds with one stone: improve your health and save decent money.

You need to draw up a menu for the next month, which you will strictly follow… Based on this menu, you will spend every penny wisely.

3. Shopping list

Drawn up following the budget plan and home menu and is an integral part of lean planning. The product-focused buyer is the seller s worst consumer… It is important not to throw into the basket everything that attracts a beautiful package or appetizing appearance.

4. Donate blood

This advice has some caveats. A person can donate blood if their health meets many standards. They may or may not pay for the blood itself.

Donating blood and its components brings quite little money, but if you donate it for free for 4-5 years, then, in addition to a sense of moral satisfaction, you can get great social benefits.

The status of an honorary donor of Moscow or even Russia gives annual cash payments, large discounts on medicines, additional rest days at the expense of the enterprise, free public transport, subsidies for housing and communal services, low interest on loans and mortgages. Also, the status of an honorary donor will allow to receive the title of “Veteran of Labor” ahead of schedule, which entails even more social benefits.

5. Take into account the commission when transferring and withdrawing money

It s worth taking a few minutes to figure out the percentage of commission charged by an electronic wallet or ATM through which you want to withdraw cash. Ideally, you want to keep the commission to a minimum or get rid of it altogether.

6. Analysis

Going to the store, visiting the hairdresser, clothing or shoe store, buying equipment – analysis is required everywhere… Compare prices, quality, assortment, alternatives, and not go at random to a store that is closer to home.

7. Watch out for light and water

Never turn off the water while washing dishes, forget to turn off the light in the bathroom, etc. Such inattention and absent-mindedness will unpleasantly remind you of yourself in the bill for electricity and water.

It is imperative to find out if the apartment has three-phase meters. If they are, then you can pay less for electricity if you machine wash and iron closer to nightas the electricity tariff is lower at night.

Again, this only works with With 3-phase meters, if there are ordinary meters, then the payment is the same during the day. Both types of meters are quite common, but in small apartments, due to their uselessness, 3-phase meters are rarely installed.

8. Cable for no reason

Cable, and television in general, is actually not so necessary for leisure and life. Who watches all 300 channels? TV shows and news can be watched on the Internet, perhaps not even at home.

9. Quitting alcohol and smoking

Even regular beer on Fridays by the end of the month can become a separate item in the family budget, not to mention more expensive and strong drinks. It s time to remember the slogans against alcoholism: “You can have fun without a bottle“.

Cigarettes, especially after the adoption of the excise tax law, are expensive. Many people want and love good cigarettes or even a hookah.

Together with them you smoke a bunch of yours of money… You can, of course, constantly ask strangers for a cigarette, but it is better to completely quit this habit.

10. Shampoos, hygiene products and detergents

Now you can see hundreds of shampoos on store shelves: for men, women, for colored hair, for brittle hair, for thin hair. The price also depends on the type of shampoo. The classic marketing ploy is to name the same product differently and raise the price.

Inexpensive shampoo does its job well, so why pay more just because of stereotypes?

You don t need any special detergent to wash the dishes, just buy a bar of laundry soap, it perfectly washed off fat even before the birth of all kinds of detergents.

The only time when paying for a separate product is justified is when the manufacturer himself indicates the need for special cleaning for his product.

To clean common surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom often enough standard and cheap products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and boiling water

11. Cash and cash only

This is a subtle psychological moment. To truly learn to value money, you need to feel it in your hand and see with your own eyes bills with different denominations.

On a bank account, we see and perceive only numbers, and it is very easy to part with ordinary numbers

12. No debt on both sides

Neither lend to unreliable people, nor ask for a loan. This can only be done in an emergency. If debt becomes a daily practice, then you can get used to a permanent life at someone else s expense, which cannot be paid.

Some of your friends may be offended by the refusal to lend, butif they are good friends, they will understand that you are not in the best financial position to borrow extra money.

To learn to save moneyit s not enough to decide to cut spending. So that your wallet contains not a couple of hundred rubles, but a few extra thousand, you will have to change your lifestyle.

Every habit and detail that used to be the order of the day is now subject to change… Changing habits is never easy, so you can use reminders on sheets of paper throughout your home to help yourself.

You, of course, will not immediately notice the result, but, as they say, the chicken pecks by the grain.

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