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We do not violate No. 54-FZ: the transition of drivers and conductors to KKT before July 1

From the beginning of July, all taxi drivers and public transport conductors are obliged to issue a check to passengers along with the ticket and use an online cashier in the calculation, which will inform the tax office about all trips and passengers.

This innovation did not please the drivers, because the transition to the online cash register carries additional costs, while the cash register must work online, interacting with the fiscal data operator (OFD), which implies an Internet connection and changeable working conditions (after all, our buses are cool in winter and unbearably hot in summer).

What solutions does the retail equipment market offer regarding online checkouts for drivers?

1 – purchase a suitable online cashier

The main requirements on the part of the drivers regarding the online cash register were: simple operation and printing of a cash register receipt with a single click. Getting distracted from the road and wasting time trying to knock out the required amount by entering a key combination – no driver wants to and lack of attention can lead to emergency situations.

The ATOL company has already offered its own special regime for drivers of public transport and taxis – ticketing. This mode allows you to punch a cashier s receipt by two clicks (the first is the choice of the fare “tariff”, the second is the method of payment in cash or by card).

2 – cash registers outside of transport

Recent amendments to Law No. 54-FZ allow the use of a cash register by transport companies outside the place of payment for travel – it is understood that the transport organization is not required to install a cash register in each individual car (taxi / bus / shuttle), it is permissible to use one or more cash registers at the end point of the route or in the office space.

How it works? Before issuing a ticket, the taxi driver / conductor on the bus prints a unique identifier on it, which will allow the passenger to receive a cashier s receipt in electronic format later on the day of the trip.

The data of unique identifiers is stored in a special ticket terminal (or validator), while an Internet connection is not required, since it is possible later in the office or at the final point of the route to unload and transfer all data on the performed transportation and passengers to the server of the automated fare collection system , from which the information is uploaded to the cash register that generates the checks, and then the OFD and the Federal Tax Service are informed.

On the one hand, this option allows you to use one cash register with many vehicles, but on the other hand, the fiscal drive (FN) has finite memory resources (about 250 thousand transactions) and when it runs out, you will have to replace the FN, and this is an additional cost. In this case, large transport companies are preferable to use several cash desks to the office or the final route point – this will allow using the FN for a longer time.

On the part of ATOL, the solution for the use of online cash registers outside the vehicle is the service for renting cash registers in the cloud. Similar cash registers, similarly to ordinary cash registers, transmit fiscal data to the Federal Tax Service, storing information in the ATOL data center.

The obligatory provision of a cash register receipt is not canceled when the cash register is applied remotely, and there are the following options:
• the driver or conductor issues a ticket to the passenger with a unique identifier (it can be used to receive a check in electronic format on the same day);
• the driver or conductor gives the passenger an officially approved form of strict reporting (BSO) with a QR barcode or check details;
• QR barcode on the screen of a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.), which the passenger can read, or the driver / conductor must send the passenger the check details by phone or e-mail.

The government has introduced an annual moratorium on penalties regarding the use of online cash registers in vehicles, which is done with the aim of a more comfortable transition to the new operating mode, but this does not mean that you can work for another year without an online cash register, delaying the inevitable automation of work.

If you still haven t switched to the online checkout, but are transporting people, you should hurry! After all, by purchasing an online cash desk and registering it with the Federal Tax Service, you can get a tax deduction that can compensate for all the costs of switching to an online cash desk!

Check out the assortment of cash registers, call the TerritoryPOS specialists, who will help you make your choice and advise on installing a fiscal accumulator, registering with the tax office, as well as on all questions regarding tax deduction! Call by phone: 8 (800) 500-95-79

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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