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Where is it better to invest money at a high interest rate with a guarantee

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In the article, we will consider the best options for where to invest money at a high interest rate with a guarantee. How to increase capital without having special knowledge and skills? Only simple and accessible ways for everyone.

The content of the article:

  • 1. Bank deposit
  • 2. mutual funds
  • 3. Real estate
  • 4. Precious metals
  • 5. Own business
  • 6. Currency

1. Bank deposit

The most uncomplicated and popular option for investing money… The average interest rate of Russian banks is 5-12% per annum. When making a term deposit for 1-3 years, the fixed rate may be higher.

Be sure to insure the deposit so that in the event of a bank ruin, the state will pay you compensation (up to a million rubles).

The most popular and reliable organizations: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank, Rosselkhozbank, Gazprombank. They have branches in almost every city in the country.

The advantages of this investment:

  • High level of reliability and guarantees from the state;
  • You can always take the money;
  • The amount can be any (at least 1000, at least 200 dollars);
  • Ease of use.

Among the disadvantages is the rather low interest rates on deposits and the depreciation of money as a result of inflation.

It is really possible to make good money only with large amounts of the deposit. In other cases, it is rather a way to reliably save funds and slightly increase.

2. mutual funds

In a mutual investment fund your money “works”… By giving funds to organizations trading on the securities market, the investor instructs professionals to manage their money and receives passive income.

The main difficulty is finding a reliable fund. It is necessary to study the profitability ratings of organizations, risks, investor reviews.

Work with several funds will allow you to insure against losses. By dividing investments between them, you minimize financial risks.

You can also invest small amounts in mutual funds, starting from one hundred dollars. And the percentage yield is higher.

Other pluses:

  1. Dividends;
  2. Ability to choose investment instruments (options, stocks, futures, bonds);
  3. It is not necessary to understand the intricacies of securities trading. But in the future, you can go through training and independently manage your funds.

Where to invest? Organizations that have proven themselves in this segment: BCS Global Shares, April Capital, Ingosstrakh – Global Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, BCS – Foreign Funds, Aton – Bond Fund.

3. Real estate

When purchasing commercial or residential real estate, you can earn on renting it out or resale at a higher price.

This is a real chance to receive passive income or securely preserve capital. It is easier to rent out residential real estate, but commercial real estate brings more profit.

pros: great demand for objects in a variety of areas, the high cost of renting them (especially in large cities).

When calculating the payback period of an investment and its profitability, do not forget about the deterioration of the premises. The object regularly needs cosmetic repairs. This is the main disadvantage. In addition, it is almost impossible to sell a house, apartment, office quickly and without financial losses.

Be sure to insure the purchased property. For investment, an amount of 15-20 thousand dollars is required.

4. Precious metals

The most common purchase of gold… The bars are kept in a bank in a special account, and the investor s income is associated with the growth in the value of the precious metal on the market.

In addition to gold, it is worth buying silver, platinum, palladium. The cost of metals is constantly changing, so before buying, study the dynamics of price changes and analysts forecasts in order to make an acquisition at the lowest possible price during a downturn.

5. Own business

Active development of your own business – fastest way get a return on your investment. You can start a business with a capital of both $ 15,000 and $ 200. Usually, the “more expensive” a company is, the greater its revenue.

Promising business areas: catering, entertainment and leisure, beauty and medicine.

6. Currency

Trading on the Forex currency market is able to multiply your savings in a short time. But there is always a risk of losing your investment.

In order not to delve into the essence of trade and not worry about your money, you should find reliable broker… He will conduct financial transactions on your behalf for a certain fee. You will be able to watch the trade and monitor the situation.

Best currencies to trade: American dollar, Japanese yen, British pound sterling, euro, Swiss franc.

It is also beneficial to open foreign currency deposits in the bank. First, you get interest on the deposit, and then you can sell the currency, making money on the price difference.

This method only brings good returns in the medium or long term.

These are the best investment options with a good return on investment.… As a private investor, you can find interesting developing projects and invest in their development. If the niche of the project is promising, and the employees are smart, you will pay off your investment with interest!

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