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Man invests money in the bank

Investing is not only a great way to ensure your financial independence, but also an opportunity to make good money. In this article, we will look at where it is better to invest money: you can find out which investments are the most profitable, and which are the most reliable.

The content of the article:

  • Investment with interest
  • Investment in real business
  • Investments in shares
  • Investments in mutual funds
  • Investments in real estate
  • Precious metals

Investment with interest

Despite the fact that many passive sources incomes bring profit in the form of interest on investments, most often under the deposit of money, interest means a bank deposit.

This is the most popular investment method, but by no means the most profitable, since interest on bank deposits often does not even cover inflation.

This type of investment is most suitable for novice investors, since the risks are low, and the entry threshold is low, several tens of thousands of rubles are quite enough to get a small income. The optimal term for a bank deposit is from 3 to 6 months. The average yield is about 9% per annum.

Investment in real business

One of the most common problemsfaced by entrepreneurs is the lack of personal capital against the background of the lack of the possibility of obtaining a bank loan.

Therefore, investing in real business is now, if not the best investment of money, then one of the best.

As in the case of a bank deposit, one of the advantages of this investment method is a low entry threshold: on average, from 100 thousand rubles.

Main flaw such investments – a high risk of business ruin, as well as fraud on the part of an entrepreneur, so you can only invest in trusted projects. The profitability depends on the business in which the money is invested.

Investments in shares

When purchasing securities of certain companies, you can both take risks in the hope of a large and quick profit, or choose stable shares with a relatively low income. The main advantage of this type of money investment is its high flexibility.

The disadvantages include the need for knowledge and experience, without which the acquisition of any shares is quite risky.

The entry threshold is average – in most large brokerage companies the minimum portfolio is 200-300 thousand rubles.

Investments in mutual funds

Unit investment funds – mutual funds – these are organizations that have an investment fund of several private investors, and dispose of it at their own discretion.

The cost of a share, that is, a share of a fund, is quite low, while many people cannot choose the best investment for themselves, and this choice is made for them by professional management companies, most often investing in securities, real estate and even works of art. This makes mutual funds very popular.

Investments in real estate

Real estate – this is the most stable option for investing money. In addition, it can be very profitable – if you invest in houses under construction and sell finished apartments, earning 20-40% of the investment.

The most significant disadvantage of this investment option is the high entry threshold – from one and a half million rubles.

Precious metals

Drag. metals differ from many other ways of investing money in that their growth is always covers inflation, even in the most difficult times of crisis.

In this regard, such an investment can be considered one of the most stable. But such investments will not bring high profits, especially in the short term.

Now you know where you can profitably invest, so it s time to move on to practice – choose the appropriate type of investment and make a contribution. remember, that it is passive income is the key to financial well-being.

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