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Where is the best place to keep money

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Today in our review we will tell you about the best place to keep your money. If a large amount of money appears, then the problem of their safe storage immediately arises. After leaving home for a long time, for example, on a business trip abroad or on vacation in a sanatorium, you cannot leave money unattended.

The number of burglaries is growing every year, which means that the chance that thieves will visit you also increases. Therefore, think about where you will save your financial capital.

The content of the article:

  • Option number 1: home safe
  • Option number 2: bank deposit
  • Option number 3: bank payment cards
  • Option number 4: travelers checks
  • Option number 5: individual bank safe

Option # 1: home safe

Many people think that a home safe is enough to make crispy bills feel safe. Especially if it s modern and expensive. It is a myth… The only advantage of keeping money at home is that it is instantly available. But just as easily they can become the prey of kidnappers, whose professionalism is constantly improving.

In addition, this attitude towards personal finance does not pay dividends. And if not criminals, then inflation can steal them.

Option # 2: bank deposit

Perhaps, this is the most convenient way of keeping money… And on vacation – nothing better than that! The scheme is simple: you bring money to a deposit, go on a trip, return, take it, and receive a certain profit.

Pay attention to the bank s deposit offers for a period from a week to a month… Interest on these deposits is paid daily or at the end of the contract using the compound interest formula. To receive all the money that belongs to you, plus the interest on the deposit, be sure to wait until the contract expires.

In case of early withdrawal of funds, you may lose all or part of the interest. If you are interested in long-term deposits, choose an annual deposit with an automatic renewal function. At the end of the term, you can either close it, or leave it for another year (if money is not needed).

Option No. 3: bank payment cards

Having opened a card account, you can be absolutely calm – your money is under reliable protection! The main thing is not to forget the safety rules when using a bank card. Certain interest is calculated on the card account balance.

For example, for a savings card – up to 12% in national currency (7% – in dollars, 5% – in euros). In addition, this bank card has deposit properties in terms of its functionality.

You can replenish it without restrictions and withdraw money in the future without losing interest (the owner independently sets the level of the spending limit), as well as transfer them to another card account if it is opened in the same bank.

Option No. 4: traveler s checks

This traditional money saving tool is reliable and simple… You can take them with you when traveling to any country. At the same time, traveler s checks will allow you to easily pay for any purchases or exchange them for the currency of the host country.

You can buy traveler s checks literally in a matter of minutes, without wasting even a day for registration.

One has only to call the bank in advance and ask if they are available. Domestic banks always have traveler s checks American Express

Their most distinctive feature is the obligatory refund of par value in case of loss within 24 hours. To do this, you need to call the 24-hour customer service. Her phone number is given when purchasing traveller s checks.

But thieves will not be able to use them – only the signature of the owner or a trusted person is required to activate them. Traveller s checks are not valid for any length of time, so you don t have to return them when you arrive home. They can be kept until the next overseas trip.

Option No. 5: individual bank safe

If, in addition to money, you have securities, antiques or other rarities that are dear to your heart, then it is best to contact a bank depository and rent a safe.

He is located in a special room with security and a serious security system, so your belongings will be under reliable protection

At the same time, the bank ensures complete confidentiality. Besides you, only the person to whom you issue a power of attorney can access the safe. The lease term is not limited by the time frame.

The safe can be used both for one day and for many years – the main thing is to pay the rent on time. The use of a large safe is more expensive, but if you rent it for a long time, there will be discounts.

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