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Mobile banking terminals are a tool for accepting non-cash payments anywhere with a stable Internet connection. You can buy a suitable device not only from the bank where you connect mobile acquiring. We will tell you where and under what conditions you can purchase an mPOS terminal.

Mobile terminal mPOS – what is it and what is it for

Types of mobile terminals

Where to buy an mPOS terminal

  • Bank where you connect mobile acquiring

  • Equipment manufacturer

  • Specialty Stores

  • Classified sites

  • Services for accepting payments

Mobile terminal mPOS – what is it and what is it for

A mobile mPOS terminal is a small device that, when connected to a smartphone or tablet, allows you to accept cashless payments. To carry out transactions, the phone must have the Internet and a payment application.

Unlike portable acquiring terminals, an mPOS device cannot work without a smartphone or tablet. Also, the mobile terminal is more compact and lighter than the portable one.

A mobile mPOS terminal is suitable for a business that accepts payment without being tied to a specific place of payment:

  • delivery services;

  • Taxi;

  • delivery trade;

  • services with a visit to the client s home or office;

  • restaurants and cafes where payment is accepted at the table.

MPOS is also suitable for stationary retail outlets with low traffic. It takes more time to carry out a payment transaction via a mobile device than when working with a conventional terminal. It takes him to enter the customer s contact information and connect to the processing center. If a lot of buyers gather at the outlet, they are unlikely to wait for their turn to pay. For such stores, it is better to choose standard POS terminals.

Read more about connecting mobile acquiring in a separate article.

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Types of mobile terminals

Terminals for smartphones can be divided into several types according to three main criteria:

  1. Served bank card type. MPOS terminals can read a card with an electronic chip, magnetic stripe or contactless. Devices that support contactless payments can accept payments from smartphones and smartwatches.

  2. Signal type – analog or digital.

  3. The way to connect mPOS to a mobile device is via Bluetooth, USB or 30pin connector, standard 3.5mm audio output.

In the picture, in order: m-pos for a card with a chip, with contactless payment, for an iPhone with a 30 pin connector and for an audio output.

We wrote more about the types of mobile terminals and their features in a separate article.

No type of mobile banking terminal replaces an online cash register. MPOS terminals send the buyer not a cashier s check, but a slip that confirms the withdrawal of money at a certain outlet. Also, mobile terminals cannot exchange data with the Federal Tax Service through a fiscal data operator. To fully work with mPOS, you need an online cash register – physical or cloud.

Where to buy an mPOS terminal

Usually, mobile terminals for acquiring are sold at full price, rather than leased or sold in installments. This is because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. But there are also exceptions. Let s consider the options for purchasing mPOS terminals.

Bank where you connect mobile acquiring

Banks cooperate with manufacturers of mobile terminals and most often provide customers with certain device models. For example, the partner bank SumUp is Svyaznoy, Pay-me is Alfa-Bank, and Life Pay is Tochka.

Buying a terminal from a bank, you will save time and get a device that fully meets the requirements of a credit institution. Bank employees are well aware of this model, so they will quickly learn how to use it and solve all technical problems.

You can buy a terminal:

  • with a personal visit – then you will conclude a service agreement;

  • by leaving a request on the bank s website – a bank employee will bring the terminal along with the contract.

Some banks sell a mobile terminal for paying with bank cards in installments. When buying by installments, you will pay the cost of the terminal in equal parts for several months, be prepared for a small overpayment. The purchased terminal will be only yours: then you can sell it as used equipment.

Also, expensive models of mPOS terminals can be rented. In this case, you will be charged for using the device, but after the termination of commercial activity, it will need to be returned to the bank.

You can choose a bank with a favorable tariff and connection conditions for you using the acquiring calculator.

Prices for mPOS terminals in various banks, the possibility of buying by installments or renting:




Installment / Rent


Ingenico ICMP Bluetooth

14,200 rubles

Rent – 1,700 rubles per month


Life Pay Bluetooth

8 490 rubles

“Alfa Bank”

Pay-Me Bluetooth

8 700 rubles

The price is lower if you buy more than one terminal


2Can, Payneteasy, Cassby

From 7 500 rubles

Ural Bank

Life Pay

8 490 rubles

To buy a new mPOS terminal, the most convenient option is to contact a bank. You save time, because in one visit you can activate the acquiring service and buy a terminal. It will be delivered to you, configured and explained how to use it.

Equipment manufacturer

You can buy a mobile banking terminal directly from the manufacturer.

Many manufacturers additionally connect acquiring. For this, scanned copies of documents confirming your identity, status of individual entrepreneur or legal entity are enough. They will be redirected to the manufacturer s partner bank. The terminal manufacturer acts as an intermediary, but when contacting him, the acquiring commission may be reduced.

Read about how to connect mobile acquiring and what documents are needed for this in a separate article.

Also on the websites of manufacturers there are instructions for using the terminals, their compatibility with mobile devices on various platforms.

Proposals from mPOS terminals manufacturers:





P17 Bluetooth Reader

P15 Bluetooth Reader

7 990 rubles

9 600 rubles


Reader for 3.5 mm audio jack

900 rubles


Reader with Bluetooth

8 700 rubles

Life Pay

QPOS mini Bluetooth

8 490 rubles

When buying a terminal from the manufacturer, the conditions are almost the same as in a bank. But here you can count on a reduction in the commission for acquiring in a partner bank. This point should be clarified in advance through the manufacturer s support service. If there is no reduction in commission, then it is more convenient to contact the bank immediately. There, the acquiring agreement will be concluded immediately. When contacting the manufacturer, you will have to wait 2-3 days, which will take to check scanned copies of your documents.

Specialty Stores

You can also buy a terminal for a smartphone in a specialized store where payment equipment is sold. There is almost always a selection of models, but stores do not offer acquiring services. You still have to contact the bank for this service.

Buying in a specialized store is in most cases impractical. Their prices are the same as those of manufacturers, and sometimes even higher. At the same time, there is no additional service. You will have to deal with the connection of acquiring yourself.

It happens that in online stores of banking and retail equipment they give a discount on goods, for example, for online ordering and prepayment. Most often, the discount is insignificant and does not compensate for the lack of additional services.

Classified sites

You can buy inexpensive used terminals on classified sites. They will be without a guarantee and no one will honestly admit to you how many times he has malfunctioned. But the price of such a device will be much lower than that of a new one.

The new Life Pay terminal costs 8,490 rubles, but a used device can be found on the classifieds website and for 5,000 rubles:

Buying a used device is advisable if there are not enough free funds at the start of a business or if you need a quick replacement for an existing terminal. For the purchase to be really profitable, you need to compare the price of a new and used device. Too low a price should alert you. There is almost certainly a problem with the terminal.

Services for accepting payments

You can buy a mobile terminal in some services for accepting payments, for example, in Yandex.Kassa. There, customers are offered a 2Can reader for 7,990 rubles.

To receive it, you need to connect Yandex.Checkout and conclude an agreement with the service for accepting payments. The service offers a turnkey service in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

A similar service is offered by the payment solutions aggregator Assist. The Assist mPOS terminal is compatible with various models of fiscal printers, the interaction with which will help to set up service employees. The device also integrates with the goods accounting system, and the payment application allows you to use bonus programs.

To connect the service on its official website, you need to leave a request with data about yourself and your company.

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