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Where to get money for free for free

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Quite a few netizens are concerned about the search for an answer to the burning question – where to get money for free. Rumors that there are 101 ways to get easy money on the Internet haunt those who want to get rich.

Of course, these rumors are largely exaggerated, but the Internet can suggest several options for obtaining money. For those who want to know such options, we have written this article.

The content of the article:

  • We play – we earn
    • What games can you earn on
  • We work – we earn
  • Tricky – we earn
  • conclusions

We play – we earn

Do not believe those who say that it is impossible to make money by playing. Maybe! True, in order to receive acceptable amounts for games, you will have to devote a lot of time to them, or invest at the initial stage.

What games can you earn on

Firstly, there is a series of economic games that allow you to exchange virtual currency for real money. The more you develop and earn in the game, the more you can withdraw to your electronic wallet.

These games can be played both for free and with real investment. With real money, development goes faster and you can withdraw more money, but be careful – these games are built on the principle of financial pyramids and at some point may simply close.

Secondly, numerous MMORPGs allow you to make good money: Linege 2, Wow, ArchAge etc. In these games for real money they sell game currency, weapons with equipment, and well-developed characters.

These methods, of course, cannot be called free, but they may well help toy lovers with pocket money.

We work – we earn

If online games don t appeal to you, try it learn fairly easy ways to get money online:

  • Clicking on links, reading emails and performing simple tests – some sites pay real money for these actions. You can get a little in this way – 500-600 rubles a month, but you don t need to do almost anything.
  • Paid surveys and questionnaires will allow you to get more impressive amounts – from 1000 to 2000 rubles per month, but you will have to get a little more confused with their passage.

To receive money in significant amounts, alas, but you have to work… The Internet provides many options for working, but they all require certain skills:

  • Working with texts, you can earn an average of 30-40 thousand rubles a month, but getting high-paying orders requires good literacy and skillful command of the word.
  • By administering and filling sites, forums and communities, you can also make pretty good money, but you need to know the basics of some special programs.
  • Designers and programmers on the net make very good money, but without special education, you shouldn t even meddle in this area.

Tricky – we earn

You can get hold of small sums for a short time with the help of trickery.

The first way – register at the labor exchange and apply for unemployment benefits. You can receive benefits until a suitable job is found, or until the 12-month deadline for benefits expires.

Second way – the use of several consumer credit cards with a grace period for crediting. Having spent funds from one card, before the expiration of the term of interest-free lending, you can activate the second card by closing it with the first loan with money. Before the expiration of the second card, activate the first one again.

The procedure can be repeated several times, but it will not work for a long time to fool the banks. The existing interest for withdrawing money from the card will each time reduce the amount to be received.


There are other ways where you can take money for free, but almost all of them are risky or illegal, and therefore can end very sadly for those trying to use them.

I can provide loans, loans, lotteries and gambling with free money only for a while, and the consequences will have to be dealt with for a very long time and unpleasantly.

You can provide yourself with good money on a permanent basis only by obtaining a good, demanded specialty and starting to work on it.

Professionals in most fields are always earn good money and wondering where to get money for free, they have neither the time nor the desire.

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