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Where to get money

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Millions of people every day wonder where to get money. Probably, every person has come across a situation when money is very much needed, but it is not clear where to get it, and it is not known what to do.

In this article we will tell you where you can get money if you need it right now (urgently)and what are the best ways.

The content of the article:

  • Method 1: borrow money
    • Credit card
    • Bank loan
    • Microcredit organizations
  • Method 2: sell unnecessary or expensive items
  • Method 3: pawn expensive items
  • Method 4: ask management for a bonus
  • Method 5: try to win
  • Method 6: earn some money
    • For women
    • For men
    • For all
  • Method 7: save money

Method 1: take money on credit

The first thing that comes to mind when you need money is to borrow. But since it is not always convenient to borrow from friends and relatives, you have to look for other options for loans.

Credit card

A credit card is the most convenient way to quickly get the amount you need… In addition, this method is one of the most profitable, especially if money is needed for some kind of purchase or payment for any services: credit cards of most banks have an interest-free period, which is usually 50-55 days.

During this period, you can return exactly as much money as you spent, and not in a ruble more.

Unfortunately, the interest-free period is valid only when paying for purchases or services by card, and if you withdraw cash, you will have to return it with interest (on average, 20-30 percent per annum).

In addition, the credit card has a certain limit, and if the required amount exceeds it, you will have to use some other option.

Bank loan

Obtaining a bank loan is a much longer and less convenient way of obtaining the required amount of cash, which, moreover, is not always available, since banks give loans only with certain documents, having a normal credit history and documentary evidence of income.

Microcredit organizations

It is worth resorting to microloans only if you need cash “yesterday”, we are talking about a relatively small amount, and at the same time you are sure that you will be able to return everything to a penny on time.

Interest rates on such loans are simply colossal: as a rule, a few percent is charged per day, that is, hundreds of percent per annum.

It is rational to take out such loans only if there is no possibility of lending at the bank, and for no more than a few days.

Method 2: sell unnecessary or expensive items

Selling unnecessary things is a great way to “replenish the treasury.” In the end, every person is full of old unnecessary equipment and household items that are not used.

As a rule, such things lie for years somewhere on the shelf of the closet, and then at the next “inventory” they are sent to the trash heap or to charity.

You can also sell expensive items.: jewelry, vehicles, art objects, various collections (stamps, coins, etc.), real estate. Of course, losing values ​​is not very pleasant, but if the need for money is really great, you can go for it.

Method 3: pawn expensive things

Having piled expensive thingsFor example, the same jewelry, in a pawnshop, you can get a loan commensurate with the appraised value of the pledged item.

The interest rate will be higher than in a bank, but lower than in a microcredit organization. Moreover, if you do not redeem your item on time, it will become the property of the pawnshop (however, in this case, you will be freed from the need to return the money).

This can be used to “sell” things that cannot be realized in any other way, but it should be borne in mind that the estimated cost of a piece of jewelry will be significantly lower than the amount for which it can be sold, since in a pawnshop it can be assessed by weight at all, giving money for you, based on the current value of the precious metal.

Method 4: ask management for an award

Going to the top management of the organization you work for and asking for an award is not a bad option, especially if you are a truly valuable employee.

And you just need to ask: if you start demanding, giving ultimatums and blackmailing your bosses so that if you do not immediately receive a bonus, you will go to another place, it is not worth it.

At least until you really have a “alternate airfield” – remember that there are no irreplaceable ones.

Method 5: try to win

Of course, getting money for free looks much more attractive than loans or the sale of valuable things, so many are trying to improve their financial well-being in this way.

The most popular way – participation in all kinds of lotteries and sweepstakes, as well as gambling.

It should be borne in mind that there is no freebie, and the chances of winning the popular lottery (guessing at least two numbers) do not exceed 10-15 percent, and the chances of winning the jackpot (the largest win) in some popular lottery, for example, Powerballare so negligible that the likelihood of becoming a Hollywood movie star is much higher.

However, if you truly believe in your luck, then why not. In the end, as the classic wrote, everyone will be given according to his faith, no matter what it refers to. The main thing is not to play for the last money.

Sports betting is another matter… As a rule, such bets are made by people who are well versed in the issue, and hope not only and not so much for luck, but for the results of their analytical activities. If you are one of those people, then this option of replenishing the stock of cash is perfect for you.

Method 6: earn some money

A part-time job is the perfect way, if the amount is needed is relatively small, but there is still time to collect it. Below are options for part-time jobs that are suitable for both those who work according to the traditional schedule and those who work in shifts.

Of course, this option will not make a lot of money, but it is real and will help solve some of your money-related problems.

For women

  • needlework;
  • part-time babysitting;
  • house cleaning;
  • walking the dogs.

For men

  • Loading Unloading;
  • construction and repair;
  • security.

For all

  • network marketing;
  • work as a courier;
  • design development and writing texts on the Internet;
  • distribution of advertising materials.

Method 7: save

Do not forget about the “golden” rule: to save is to earn… So if you need a small amount and have time, you can try to simply cut costs, giving up spending that is not essential.

Despite the fact that each of the proposed options for where to get money has certain drawbacks, you can certainly find something suitable.

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