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Where to invest 1000 dollars

Dollars and an inscription - where to invest 1000 dollars securely

Many people are interested in the question of where to invest 1000 dollars, that is, a small amount of savings. After all, investing is a legal way to gain financial independence without health risks.

To get rich, you don t have to plow hard work for 10-12 hours a day or save on groceries.

The content of the article:

  • Where do rich people invest?
  • 1. Bank deposit (deposit)
  • 2. Promotions
  • 3. PAMM accounts
  • 4. Bitcoin
  • 5. Websites, blogs
  • conclusions

Where do rich people invest?

Rich people invest millions in real estate gold, securities, business, mutual funds. But where to invest the small money set aside from the salary, you will learn from this article.

1. Bank deposit (deposit)

There is no point in hiding money under the mattress: due to inflation, they will be depreciated. Better think about where to invest $ 1000.

For example, take the accumulated amount to the bank to receive income in the form of interest. When choosing a program, consider the following conditions:

  • the size of the interest rate;
  • opening date;
  • minimum deposit;
  • the presence of capitalization of interest;
  • frequency of interest payment: monthly or at the end of the term;
  • conditions for early withdrawal of money.

As a rule, the higher the interest rate on the deposit, the worse the rest of the conditions.

For example, in the event of early withdrawal, the investor loses 99-100% of the accrued income.

So where to invest $ 1000? Currently, the following banks offer the most favorable interest rates in rubles:

  1. Tinkoff Bank… 7.5% per annum, term – 1 year, minimum amount – 50 thousand rubles.
  2. LocoBank. 8.50% per annum, term – 300 days, minimum amount – 50 thousand rubles.
  3. BSI Bank. 8.11% per annum, term – 1 year, minimum amount – 50 thousand rubles.
  4. Gazprombank… 7.45% per annum, term – 3 years, minimum amount – 50 thousand rubles.

Please note that for deposits in dollars and euros, the rate rarely exceeds 2.5-3%. On the other hand, your savings are better protected from inflation. A bank deposit is an investment with minimal risks.

Deposits of Russian citizens in the amount of up to 1.4 million rubles are insured by the state.

Don t invest in microfinance institutions (IFIs), which promise a yield of over 15-20% per annum. There are many fraudsters and structures in financial difficulty in this market. If the MFI goes into liquidation, you are unlikely to get the money back. Even through the courts.

2. Promotions

There are two ways to make money by investing in stocks: by increasing the value of assets and by paying dividends. Individuals in the Russian Federation are not allowed to purchase securities on the exchange on their own.

But they can make a purchase on the Internet through brokerage sites:

  • BCS Broker –;
  • Broker opening –;
  • Finam –;
  • Zerich –

It is desirable that 50% of the investment portfolio are blue chips. These are securities of large and well-known companies that have demonstrated sustainable financial growth over the years. Russian blue chips include shares Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Tatneft, Sberbank, VTB Bank, Yandex.

With a competent approach, investments in securities bring on average up to 10-15% per annum. But with long-term investment, there is a chance to get a profit of hundreds of percent.

3. PAMM accounts

Where to invest 1000 dollars to get at least 30-50% per annum? In the Forex market. However, only a few are capable of successfully trading.

Most newbies drain the entire deposit during the year. Trust the professionals to reduce the risk of losing funds.

Investing in PAMM accounts is transfer of money to trust. A professional trader opens an account, invests personal funds and additionally attracts investors. And then he makes transactions in the Forex market in accordance with the chosen strategy. He is interested in a positive result, since his own money is also on the PAMM-account.

The trader subtracts the commission (usually 30-50%) and his share from the received profit. And the remaining amount is distributed among investors in proportion to the size of the deposits made.

Your task – choose a reliable manager. The minimum amount of money to open a PAMM account usually ranges from $ 10 to $ 100.

On the largest exchange Alpari is fifty$… When choosing an account, pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. The term of existence. It is desirable that the account was opened 1 year ago or earlier.
  2. A type. Conservative and moderate accounts should make up 70-80% of the investment portfolio, aggressive ones – 20-30%. The latter quickly generate income, but are associated with high risks of losing funds.
  3. Maximum drawdown. An indicator of more than 20% is a reason to think about, or even refuse to invest altogether.

Remember the main rule: Don t put all your eggs in one basket. To reduce risks, distribute 1000 $ between 5-10 different PAMM accounts.

4. Bitcoin

Another financial instrument with increased risks, but tempting profitability.

Bitcoin often shows an increase of 10-15% per day… This is a great asset to speculate: Buy on a downtrend in an uptrend and sell quickly on an uptrend.

Whether cryptocurrencies are suitable for long-term investment is a moot point. Many remember 2017 when Bitcoin climbed to $ 20,000 per coin. Experts do not exclude that this scenario will repeat itself in 2021-2022. Some even predict that the price of the first cryptocurrency will rise to $ 100,000.

But there are analysts who foreshadow the consolidation of the value at around $ 2-3 thousand.

Pessimists scare about the collapse and the “soap bubbles”. Whether or not to use a long-term Bitcoin investment strategy is up to you.

It is profitable to buy cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges: Exmo, Binance, Bitmex, Bitforex and others.

There you pay a minimal commission, but your investment is poorly protected from theft. Therefore, immediately after the purchase, withdraw digital coins to virtual or cold wallets.

5. Websites, blogs

This investment option is suitable for those who love to work with content, are versed in copywriting, SEO, internet marketing.

On a major exchange Telderi you can purchase a ready-made website that already brings the owner a stable income. The main sources of profit are usually:

  • advertising: contextual, banner, teaser;
  • selling links;
  • affiliate and referral programs.

Typically, the price of a site is defined as the potential profitability in 24 months.… But this does not mean that the Internet resource you bought will pay off exactly in such a period.

On the other hand, if you work hard on filling and promotion, you can increase your profitability in 1.5-3 times… But sites left to fend for themselves generally lose visitors and do not pay off. Everything depends on you.

Where to invest money? Choose sites with commercial topics: about finance and credit, Forex, make money on the Internet, jurisprudence, medicine, tourism, construction and repair.

They generate higher income if the owner is well versed in the niche and understands how search engines work.


So where can you invest $ 1000? Such money cannot be invested in real estate, precious metals and most types of business. However, you still have plenty of ways to do it.

To preserve savings, bank deposits are suitable, to obtain high profits in the future – stocks, Internet resources.

And if you re willing to take the risk to earn a large amount, invest in PAMM accounts and cryptocurrencies.

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