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Where to invest to get monthly income

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We answer the urgent question of where to invest in order to receive monthly income. We have prepared 8 best options for money investments, universal for any capital and do not require special knowledge.

The content of the article:

  • 1. Trust investment management
  • 2. Buying shares of well-known companies
  • 3. Acquisition of a profitable site
  • 4. Investing in someone else s business
  • 5. Investment in real estate
  • 6. Borrowed money at interest to individuals
  • 7. Business with semi-passive income
  • 8. Selling your information product

1. Trust investment management

Not every person is able to independently figure out the tricks of trading securities or currencies.

It is safer to entrust the management of your capital to financial experts.

This requires pick up some of the best PAMM accounts or mutual funds (UIF) and divide your capital between them. So you will be insured against large financial losses.

The manager trades – you get a monthly profit of 5-10% of the invested funds. This figure can be higher with a large number of successful deals.

Reliable mutual funds with high returns:

  • Aton – Bond Fund;
  • BCS Global Shares;
  • BCS – Foreign Foundations;
  • April Capital.

PAMM accounts from well-known brokers:

  1. Yankee (Alpari);
  2. FixPro (Alpari);
  3. InvestTRADE Stability 11 (Instaforex);
  4. Mahonin (Alfa-Forex).

Decent passive earnings are given by deposits of $ 1000.

2. Buying shares of well-known companies

In this case, you do not need to thoroughly study the market in order to understand which stocks will start to rise in price. We buy them not for the sake of resale, but for the sake of regular dividends.

The safest way is to buy shares of such giants as Lukoil, Gazprom, Sberbank, VTB, oil and gas companies, mobile operators (like Megafon and MTS) and large retail chains (Magnit, M.Video, etc.) Such organizations pay dividends 2-4 times a year.

On average, dividends are paid up to 10% of the value of shares. This indicator may change depending on the financial condition of the company.

Not so solid enterprises (the so-called “second echelon”) are ready to pay up to 20-30% of the value of their securities.

But their position is not always stable, therefore, during the crisis period, payments are frozen.

3. Acquisition of a profitable site

It is easier to buy a website that generates profit from advertising than to create it from scratch. Then hire a content manager to maintain and improve the position of the portal. Then the revenue will grow.

A resource that brings in $ 150 per month costs about $ 3000… For a monthly income of $ 4000, you will have to shell out about 95-105 thousand dollars.

Before buying, be sure to consult with a specialist in this field so as not to waste your money.

4. Investing in someone else s business

By investing in the development of someone else s business, you can regularly receive interest on the company s profits.

The most promising directions: mobile application development, internet technologies, scientific research.

Such investments are fraught with the risk of losing money if the company cannot “get on its feet.”

It is necessary to carefully study consumer demand for various developments and sensibly assess the prospects for the development of a particular project.

Popular platforms for finding startups:


5. Investment in real estate

With funds from $ 15,000, it is important to invest them in the purchase of real estate for subsequent lease. One-room and two-room apartments, office premises, commercial sites for shops and salons are in good demand.

The purchase must be insured… On average, real estate pays for itself in 5-6 years, and then regularly starts to bring good and stable passive income.

In the case of apartments, it is profitable to purchase real estate from the developer, because after the commissioning of the object, the cost of the apartment increases by 20-30%. Keep in mind that real estate requires regular investments in renovation and renovation.

6. Borrowed money at interest to individuals

This is the so-called P2P lending, when monetary relations are built between citizens, without the participation of financial organizations.

The profitability of microloans can reach 50% per month! But there is always a risk of facing an unscrupulous borrower.

Instead of creating your own microloan firm, you can use special Internet sites where lenders and borrowers contact directly.

For example,, The service has the ability to lend money WebMoney… Usually, the system asks for a small percentage for providing a platform for issuing loans, and in exchange it insures the transactions of its clients.

7. Business with semi-passive income

The easiest option – vending machines and payment terminals. They require a minimum of maintenance (it is enough to hire one employee), do not require offices and production areas, special documents and permits, the company is easy to register.

A network of five or more machines or terminals brings a good profit.

8. Selling your information product

For passive income on the Internet you can create and sell an educational or entertainment product. It can be video courses, books, a YouTube channel. But you have to invest your energy in creating such a product.

Alternatively, you can sponsor young and popular video blogs for a percentage of their advertising revenue.

These types of investments are almost equally available to both the owners of small savings and large capital from a million rubles. Ideally, multiple investment options should be chosen to get the most out of your investment.

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