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    Anti-theft systems

    Despite all the measures taken by law enforcement agencies and owners, theft of goods from stores is common. Many retail outlets constantly suffer large losses because of them, therefore, anti-theft systems for stores are a popular offer in the market for special equipment for equipping retail establishments.


    The most popular anti-theft systems are acoustomagnetic, radio frequency and metal detectors, which are used to detect attempts to take unpaid goods out of the retail outlet. They differ in the type of signal received from the corresponding security sensors and labels attached to goods, most often on clothes, linen and other wardrobe items. When paying for goods at the checkout, the label is deactivated by means of a special deactivating device or the tag is removed using a stripper.

    Many types of anti-theft systems have a design that allows them to be used for advertising purposes as well, by changing banners inserted into transparent “pockets”.

    The choice of the anti-theft system

    The choice of such protection for a store depends on many factors. Here are some tips:

    • For a clothing store, i.e. in the absence of metallized parts and surfaces, cheaper radio frequency systems are used.
    • The choice of the option depends on the width of the aisle, since different models are effective at different column spacings.
    • You will have to decide which is best for your application, reusable sensors or disposable labels. The latter are of two types: acoustomagnetic and radio frequency. They are comparatively smaller than sensors, but also less efficient. The labels are fixed to the product with special glue, which is applied to their back side.
    • It is better to give preference to systems with volume control, since often too loud a signal can cause discomfort to customers and staff.

    Setting up the anti-theft system

    Regardless of the type of the anti-theft system, its adjustment should be carried out by specialists. Only in this case can you be sure that it will work with maximum efficiency and justify the cost of purchasing it.

    If we are talking about a store located in a shopping center building, testing of anti-theft equipment should be carried out during hours when all electrical equipment is turned on in the building, since otherwise the setting will not be correct and the antennas and receivers will malfunction. This requirement cannot be neglected, since even installing conventional LED lamps after setting up the system will lead to violations.

    Anti-theft mirrors

    Anti-theft mirrors are also used in sales areas in order to prevent the removal of unpaid goods. They allow salespeople and other staff to track customer behavior anywhere in the store, even if they are out of sight. Popular proposals include spherical oval or rectangular mirrors, as well as dome models. Such anti-theft equipment for shops is made of special unbreakable plastic. A reflective acrylic layer is applied to its surface, which must be periodically cleaned of dust.

    Setting up the anti-theft mirror system is carried out in the presence of store personnel, who will be responsible for monitoring the actions of visitors in the trading floor.

    Where can you order anti-theft systems and mirrors

    The company “Commercial Equipment” offers a wide range of anti-theft devices that will reduce your losses due to the removal of unpaid goods from your store. We have our own production facility in China, so we offer commercial equipment at affordable prices. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Payment is accepted in a variety of ways. Our company has special conditions for wholesale buyers.

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