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Fraudsters come up with a lot of different ways every day, thanks to which they manage to write off money from someone else’s bank card. So how do you save your money and not fall for the tricks of scammers? We will talk about this now.

When is it worth blocking a bank card?

Frequent intrusive calls.

Almost all of us received calls from the bank on their cell phones. In fact, these are scammers who, in various ways, entice information about a bank card and its owner. As a rule, such calls are received infrequently – there are literally several calls a year.

But if the calls are received often enough, there is a high probability that your bank card details were exposed somewhere and fell into the hands of scammers who are now trying to find the key to your money. Therefore, if bank employees began to call you often with various questions regarding your card, then this is a reason to be on your guard.

Unusual SMS notifications.

Sometimes the phone may receive SMS messages about an incorrect code or an unsuccessful attempt to write off money from a bank card. Many people try not to pay special attention to such messages, because they think that this is just a mistake. But there is a high probability that attackers are trying to find a code to access your bank card. In this case, you must immediately call the bank and block the card. After all, if the fraudster did not manage to find the access code for your bank card now, he may be able to do it next time.

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Shopping fraud.

Many people shop online because it is very convenient. Of course, this is okay if you buy goods in official stores. But recently, more and more fraudulent stores (one-day shops) have begun to appear where fraudsters put up expensive goods for sale at a reduced cost.

Their purpose is not only to receive money for the goods you bought, which you will not receive, but also to receive data about you and your bank card, since to make a payment you need to enter your last name and patronymic, card number, its validity period and a secret code …

Then, based on this data, they will be able to take possession of your money without any problems. Therefore, if you suspect that you have fallen for the bait of scammers (they did not send you the goods, the store employees do not get in touch, you entered all the necessary bank card details, but the payment did not go through, etc.), immediately contact the bank, report what happened and block the card …

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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