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Children’s store interior

Children and their parents are a special category of buyers. The success of a baby-based retail business depends not least on how enjoyable the shopping experience is for toddlers and their mums and dads. In solving this issue, an important role belongs to the design of its interior. This article will tell you what the design of showcases and a trading floor of an institution that sells toys, clothes, shoes and other items intended for a children’s audience should be.

What should be the arrangement of children’s stores

When considering the design of a children’s goods store, it should be borne in mind that for parents, quality and assortment of goods are at the forefront. In addition, many often come to the store with babies, therefore it is also important for them to have convenient access to goods, the ability to quickly find what they need and comfort, especially in the fitting area.

The child factor should not be disregarded either. The “correct” interior of a toddler store should “hook” the child. It is unlikely that mom and dad will be able to view the entire range if the baby is capricious and asks to go outside. Moreover, in the future they will bypass the institution where the child threw a tantrum.

Window dressing

A successful design of a children’s store window is a guarantee that you will not have a shortage of customers. Choosing a design option, you can give free rein to imagination. The more original your windows will look, the more chances that children will “bring” their parents there. It is best if the design contains fabulous and cartoon motives. The most successful is the design of showcases, which strikes a balance between thematic design and product presentation.

For example, children’s mannequins showcasing clothes from the restaurant’s assortment can be used in conjunction with the figures of fairy-tale characters to create a themed scene.


For a children’s clothing store, it is very important how competently the zoning of the trading floor is carried out. Most often it is divided into a zone for boys and a zone for girls, or by age group. In clothing stores, the zoning by the color of the assortment also looks original. However, this is not always convenient.

For a small store of goods for children of preschool and primary school age, you can offer to paint two opposite walls in pink and blue and decorate them with images of your favorite cartoon characters of girls and boys, respectively. You can go even further and do the same decoration on the floor and ceiling.


As already mentioned, parents choose stores where it is comfortable to shop with their child. It is important that the trading floor is not crowded and that dads and moms do not have to worry that the baby will inadvertently turn over the dummy or touch the hanger. The designer’s focus should also be on the proper arrangement of the fitting area. So, in a store where shoes are sold, there should be high chairs so that it would be convenient for dads and moms to try on shoes or sneakers for babies without bending over. The same applies to fitting rooms, in which comfortable soft seats should be installed. The role of mirrors should not be underestimated either. Little fashionistas should be able to see themselves in full toast.

Game Zone

When designing the interior of a children’s clothing store with a spacious trading floor, you should provide for a place where dads and mothers can leave the child to calmly inspect the displayed goods and make a choice. It can be enclosed with a stylized fence painted in a bright color, or used for zoning in large boxes packed as gifts. In such a children’s area, a table and chairs are usually installed so that children can have fun coloring pictures or looking at comics while waiting for their parents.

In some cases, the play area can be replaced by a small cafe. Its design should be in tune with the overall design of the sales area.


In the design of any store, especially for children, attention should be paid to its correct lighting. The light in the sales area should be bright enough, but by no means dazzling. If a large children’s store is being considered, fluorescent general lighting fixtures are usually used. In boutiques, along with the general one, accent lighting is also used, which makes it possible to highlight priority products. The use of original lamps under ordinary incandescent lamps, which resemble airplanes, boats and other figures that will make the interior more attractive and memorable, will also look original.

Interior design of a children’s toy store

The success of any retail business depends on the level of sales. In the case of a toy store, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to do everything so that the little buyer persuades dad and mom to buy what he liked. To do this, he must notice from afar a strikingly decorated showcase in which the most gorgeous dolls, cars, etc. will be displayed. When laying out the goods, you need to place toys that are easy to break or damage the packaging, within sight of the kids, but at such a height that the child cannot reach them. Open shelving and slides with multi-level shelves are well suited for this purpose.

In the trading floor itself, it is necessary to create a fabulous atmosphere so that the child does not want to leave him quickly. The cozy atmosphere also has a positive effect on the mood of parents, who are more willing to buy toys that their children like.

Baby shop interior

The design of such a boutique should be designed taking into account the preferences of young mothers awaiting the miracle of the birth of a new life, since they make up the majority of buyers of the assortment for the little ones. Preference should be given to pastel colors. The favorites, along with blue and pink, are all light shades of green, as this color has a positive effect on the mood of customers. In addition, soft seats should be provided in the trading floor so that pregnant women or mothers with babies can sit, relax, and, if necessary, feed the baby.

To decorate the walls, designers recommend using large photographs of mothers with babies in their arms or cute baby faces that cause affection.

Now you know what to look for when designing the interior of a children’s store. We hope that this information will make your establishment cozy and comfortable for customers who will become your regular customers.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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